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  1. They test your urine for sugar (diabetes) and protein (kidney problems) by using test strips that they dip in urine sample.
  2. Those who are waiting to get called, The month of May is when the majority of retirements occur. Hiring should speed up then!
  3. When the system says "not currently on a outstanding certification" it means the list has been returned to DCAS because they stopped hiring for the moment, when hiring resumes, they return the list to transit, and then you will be on a outstanding certification again! WHEW!!!
  4. They will also skip you if you have dirty urine! But they will allow you to go to rehab!
  5. 3 to 11 is usually just for 1 day for fire school
  6. Congratulations Ms. Hottie, It was nice meeting at medical. Hopefully I will be starting in November. By the way, what division are you in?
  7. There are a few, your TSS will let you know which ones, The rulebook is copyright 2003 and the MTA has not updated it.. You will soon learn that the most consistent thing about the MTA is inconsistency!
  8. They usually let you park in the train yards, at least in the A division.
  9. Be carefull of the rule book, some of the signals in there are wrong!
  10. There will be about 20 questions on signal test, but you don't know which ones, so you have to know them all! That includes lighted signals radio codes, signs and markings etc..
  11. Or use DEPENDS, actually not a bad idea! LOL Unfortunately that's true! Everybody in the crew rooms will know and tease you the death!!
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