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  1. There is no official list release yet, then they call for provisional appointment. And apply for the next one.
  2. it isn't delayed . its normal process for mta. It might take few more months.
  3. disqualification can be because of minor thing for example if you didn't wright by your job duties amount of %, or your job description doesn't match their requirement even though your education or experience is ok. I had same issue. I was an electrician and they require commercial and industrial experience anything else wasn't good. You have to be careful when you fill application or resume. Description of your job has to meet req. as well. And if its temporary don't worry, the most important thing is exam and permanent job. I heard bus maintainer isn't bad, they have a lot of overtime.
  4. good luck, 239 isn't bad. they have new tech trains. Avoid 240 st. By end of this year will be a pick then you will see you seniority # and status
  5. Exam isn't over yet. No list has been established then no one has list number. Its provisional or temporary for now ( whatever you call it.)
  6. If you are not permanent then you are temporary until become permanent. You can ask MS2 in the school they will tell you.
  7. maybe there is something else or they have enough people just wait i could be wrong
  8. Sorry, you failed . They would tell you same day when to come for urine test.
  9. Most likely you did. Its probably for temporary position until they hire permanent.
  10. not necessarily. it depends how many % you did of that circuit and if it was good you still have a chance
  11. well yes . If they start then goes pretty fast but it takes time until they start. The whole process is kind of slow. For example there was exam for supervisor in 2009 and they still hire from that list so you can imagine . They will hire in waves not all people at same time and it depends how many workers plan to retire or create some new projects etc. You have to pass medical, urine test an short english interview. If you don't pass medical they put you on hold until you clear it. If any problems with law don't lie they will find out.
  12. i don't think so. it might take even 6 months. It depends how many people they need. When list is established it is good for 4 years so they will hire as they need. Last few exams they hired all eligible people.
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