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  1. justdre88


    Not sure where to post this but I just have a question about using FMLA. I have recently received FMLA status due to my son being born and according to the rules I have it for 1 year and can take 60 days for baby bonding through out the year. While I was out after his birth and after the 2 weeks given from transit, I used FMLA for July 4th and was given FMLA/Holiday Pay for that day and it did not use any of my banked time. Today I used FMLA and the dispatcher asked how to be paid and I told him todays a holiday so it should be paid and he said we’ll see... aren’t holidays suppose to be paid when using FMLA? I can’t seem to find anything on the subject
  2. I am going to try and help you understand as much as possible 1. This answer is very vague because you get paid your run pay. Yes you get hourly pay and the minimum they can pay you is for 8 hrs of work but most runs atentnonly 8 hrs. Every pick you could have a run that pays 80 hrs every 2 weeks or 86-90 hrs every 2 weeks when first starting as you pick whats left after everyone else picked the good stuff. Now if your on the extra list you could make a bit more money as your covering for those who are off or out sick or vacation and take their run for the day but being on the extra list could be chaiotic and you pick a run everyday for the next day and it goes in seniority order. 2. I for one love my job. I personally love driving but driving a bus is not the same. Some people tel me “oh all you do is drive a bus all day” but no theres more to it. Im actually not killing anyone all day. It gets stressful at times because driving a bus you could kill that cycilist you dont see on your right side, or that person about to run across the street from between parked cars. You always have to be alert and literally kiss those mirrors to always know whats going on around you. And for one I work in an area thats a bit rough around the edges so i have to deal with a lot of farebeaters, people fighting, and people with attitude. Yes you can choose to ignore it but ill tell you right now, that will not always work and people will get to you.... i for one when im about to lose my cool, i think about my pension and benefits. You could lose it all for an ingrate. 3. Depending where you go some depots have more lines than others. And im not sure about other depots but at my depot we have 9 lines, one of them youll never see because only seniors take them as that line has weekends off. You will most likely get runs that have 2 lines in them so you wont be just driving 1 line. Your first half maybe be 1 line and the other half a different one. Again its all what you pick for the quarter and picks go by seniority so in the begining you will get the worst. 4. If you kiss a turn do not DO NOT try and fix it on your own. If you try to fix it on your own and make a bigger mistake you will be blamed for it 100%. If you miss a turn, pull over hit your RTT and tell console you missed a turn and need assistance on getting back on route. You let them know you dont know the area and if they cant explain it to you properly they will send a dispatcher to assist you. You wont get in trouble. 5. You off 2 days a week regardless. Our week start sundays and yes you can bank your ot hrs into OTO up to 72 hrs and use them to request days off. Its smart in the beginning to bank them then take a week or 2 off before your probation ends so you can clear probation without working. Again scheduling is all up to what you pick and what you pick if whats available as everything is in seniority order. Good luck i hope i helped
  3. Transit is suppose to schedule the road test for you. Once you qualify they will start training you for the road test while you wait for your test date. They will let you know
  4. Yeah for me you work for transit you ride for free and military. Its bad enough my fingers on F5 for everyone else. Might as well be for someone who deserves it lol. What could MTA do anyway if they see you let an employee on without dipping?
  5. I dont get it though. I let drivers who just show their pass ride free and i havent had a problem on the subway or buses with my pass. Same with lirr. My pass has a U and when they ask for my ticket i just show them the pass and they walk away
  6. Ive been there since january. So what depot did you choose for your transfer on your first day? New flyer is awesome. Were suppose to be getting more of them and getting rid of the rts.
  7. I reinstated my list number in october, went in for medical in november and started class in december. My transfer was to jamaica depot and went through 4 days before my dmv driving test so i was lucky and went straight there.
  8. Yeah its not bad i just think its the longest route we have. Ive been there since january
  9. Except for the Q3 lmao that ones long but not hard
  10. Congrats. So whats the next 3 days for? Are you staying at jamaica? Thats where Im at and love it so far
  11. Yeah i gotta call bsc because i dont remember signing anything but the life insurance
  12. So i have a question hopefully soneone can answer. Theres a travlers insurance of $10 that comes out of each check. What is this?
  13. Just passed my DMV road test thank god!!!! I can finally sleep
  14. Thanx bro. Yeah i hear at Jamaica you can book a year in advance. What depot are you in?
  15. Got my transfer today to Jamaica.... crazy how i got what i want yet still havent taken me he dmv test. Hows the Jamaica depot guys? Abyone take the dmv roadtest yet?
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