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  1. Thank you ILLMATIC96SS. I sure do appreciate the advice. I'll be reviewing the notes I wrote down plus the review sheets from days 2-4. I can't thank you all enough for providing such great tips and help on this forum.
  2. DueceDrives... you are correct. I was told that lower Manhattan is insane but the training will help me get through it. I've been making adjustments and listening to my Supt. This entire experience has been great, I'm extremely grateful for all of this.
  3. I also went to Livingston in March and was hired in July. Today was a great day in training. Did highway driving and El pillars. I'm looking forward to training this Monday in Upper Manhattan.
  4. I was wondering if anyone could give an example of a medium work boot that could be used for training? Any information would be helpful, I appreciate it.
  5. Don't forget your cdl permit or cdl license. Just to be safe, give them a call. Good luck to everyone that's going for medical.
  6. I begin training on the 27th, this is awesome. @OnlyTheTruthSorry... they will call you and tell you what paperwork you have to bring.SScard, cdl permit along with your license etc. They will tell you.
  7. Definitely feeling blessed and fortunate. I went last Wednesday for the drug test and 2 days later(friday) they called to tell me to report to Livingston this week for medical and hire process. I'll get my training start date this week. This has been an incredible journey and it just keeps getting better. I'm looking forward to training. @ MemberD, I'm not sure what number they're up to. The list seems to be moving quickly.
  8. It depends on how quickly the list moves. It could take a week or it could be 2 months.
  9. I'm not sure if they do drug testing and medical on the same day. If you're cleared for medical, I believe they will give you a date to begin training.
  10. @OnlyTheTruthSorry... I know of someone who was told to report to medical 4 days after they took their drug test.
  11. Yeah... I did my paperwork back in March. I have to fill it out again.
  12. I also received a letter today informing me to take a drug test. I took one in March but it expired. I'm glad I received the letter today, hopefully everything falls into place. Congrats to those who began training and that passed their cdl road test.
  13. That's awesome, good luck. I hope it all works out.
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