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  1. I recently received a conditional offer from Amtrak for their Locomotive Engineer program. About two weeks before I was due to start class, the offer was recsinded due to my driving record. I had passed everything else in the hiring process. My record is iffy unfortunately. I do have 5 moving violations in a 5 year period. My license currently has no points, though the tickets are still on my record. The recruiter said they are concerned about my ability to adhere to very strict safety rules. I'm quite depressed over losing this job, as I've tried for years to get into Amtrak. Do you think I have a chance of them selecting me again in the future? Maybe wait until I have a few years of clean driving. Thanks for any feedback.
  2. I've tried to get hired with the railroads for quite a while, and was lucky to be selected as a Light Rail Train Operator on a light rail system in the NYC area. I've been on the job for nearly 6 months, and really enjoy it actually. It's satisfying and fulfilling to know you're moving people safely. I still aspire to become a Locomotive Engineer for Amtrak or the MTA (LIRR/Metro-North) eventually. How do you think the light rail experience would look for Amtrak or the MTA? I'll stay at this job for at least a year (or two) before trying to make the switch (no pun intended). This light rail system has all of the characteristics of a heavy rail (interlockings, signals, viaducts, a tunnel, yards). I'm just not sure exactly what Amtrak or the MTA looks for in hiring Engineers. The hiring process for the MTA sounds like a nightmare though! Thanks for any feedback.
  3. My quest for a railroad career is failing miserably. I've been trying for almost a year now, and still have no prospects. The average job search is 3-6 months. I work in retail, and I'm trying to get out of it. The railroad sounds very exciting and varied. Do you think I should just pursue another career? I've considered trucking or becoming a pilot. I am 25, so I am young enough to pursue something else. I have vested a lot of time and energy though seeking railroad jobs, so I would hate to just give up.
  4. I'm interested in taking the upcoming Conductor exam for NYC Transit. I'm a little concerned about my background and getting hired though. I have a clean criminal background. It's just this former employment blunder. I had some very kind words with my former manager for firing me. So kind, that I can't use them as a reference at all lol. If I lie about not working there, I can be found out and not hired. Or worse, I can be terminated if I'm found out after being hired. What would be the best thing to do?
  5. It looks like the next application window for this exam will be in September, according to the website. Is this position for the subway or the LIRR? Do you have to be a NYC resident to work for NYCT? I live in NJ. Also, how do you prepare for this exam? I suppose you don't actually take it in September. You probably won't take it until sometime in 2016.
  6. I've applied to this position several times, and have never once been contacted. I've had my resume and cover letter done professionally, and have several years of customer service experience. I'm sure I'm not the only one trying to break in. It's just frustrating. I've heard of some Conductors there earning over 200K! I'm currently taking a Conductor certification course. Maybe I'll apply again when I see another posting. It's a job just to get into the training program! PS. Is the job itself difficult? Their Engineer program sounds quite tough.
  7. I would like to become a Conductor for either Amtrak or the LIRR. I've applied many times to these companies, but have never been selected to even interview. I have several years of customer service experience. It's frustrating. Unfortunately I think there are so many applicants for Conductor, so they can really pick and choose.
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