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  1. just a update. 19 people in the 4/25 class. not sure about highest list number.
  2. just gpt home from medical. i start monday. good luck to everyone who is waiting.
  3. thx. i was just thinking maybe the class was full and maybe had to wait. glad that is not the case.
  4. mta just called have to go down tomorrow morning for physical. if i pass start monday class lady told me.
  5. ah ok alto i thought u was on the list and made the april class.
  6. alto mind sharing your list #. i went in for my 2nd drug test and i wondering how far they could have got. i have not recieved email yet for medical
  7. not really sure if the april class is full yet. i went in for my 2nd drug test almost 3 weeks ago and still no word on medical. did u go in for drug screening and medical yet? if not then most likely no u will not make that class .
  8. hello. just an update. i went in for my 2nd drug test on 3/24/16. just waiting patiently for my email to go in for medical. the next class is on 4/25. my list number is 580-590. called dcas today and im currently not on outstanding certification.
  9. im at 180 livingston now. only 6-7 trackworkere here for drug screening. next classs april 25
  10. just recieved my letter for 2nd drug test. going in march 24th list#580-590
  11. i believe they made it to the early 700's for the first drug test back in october. all the people who got 100 or better has taken thier drug test. my number is 580-590 and im waiting for my 2nd drug test. the class after this march class should reach in the 600 i think. now it should depend on when this following class is set up bc last year they only had 4 classes. feb,may and 2 in october. so all depends on that.
  12. nothing yet. my number is 575*-590. i think they are around 490-530ish for the march 28th class.
  13. just called the dcas # looking for a update but the automated line has not been updated. it is still saying last apppointed was 272 mean while that was for the last class in june.
  14. question filling out 21page information booklet.. education! it doesnt say when to stop highschool/junior high/grade school. first form said highschool. so how far should i put back?
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