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  1. so I found out that next training for 4600 is on 10/16/17
  2. no not yet, I heard someone mention they give a class every two weeks
  3. They are starting the hiring process again I got a letter and I have to go there on Tuesday this is my second time I'm going down there I went in November 2016 and they turned me away because I had a old suspension from 2014 but now they don't look at that anyone they said from February this year it would of been nice if they would of told me I could of been working with them from February smh
  4. Can anyone tell me what MTA look for when they call you in I know they check your license but what else do they check for is it tickets, or parking tickets also
  5. hey I have a question will we be having to take a boss exam for this position, the reason I asked because I may still be in probation for bus operator and wouldn't know if I'll have off the saturday they schedule it
  6. hey does anyone have a handout for the inspection of the bus and also info on what street takes what turn from what I'm hearing the most stressful part of the training is knowing what turn to make for each turn and the bus not hitting the curb
  7. ok but they saying I don't have to wait the 3 years now because they are saying they don't check old suspensions anymore
  8. hey guys I need your help ok here it is in November I was called in for 4600 to do drug test and medical when I got there after waiting for a couple of hours the lady at the desk checks my driver's license and says to me oh you had a suspension in oct 2014 and can't work for us till oct 2017 because you can't have a suspension within 3 years so then I was crushed and went back to my hospital job then today I call in to transit employment just to ask some questions like in october how should I reinstate my name so the guy on the phone says to me what was you denied for last time I said I had a old suspension he said go to dcas and sign yourself on asap because we don't check for suspension anymore as long as license is good in the present....I said when did you start this he said early early this year, now why wouldn't they send out letters saying this smh now I need your help to reinstate my name
  9. I don't even know what to say it's just one of those things that you pray the person who runs your license overlooks
  10. I had to pay a fine in yonkers for a parking violation and I paid it late so they suspended my license and I paid it after 4 days of my license being suspended but unfortunately transit is making me wait, I don't know how that gentleman got away with it
  11. Hey everyone I haven't posted in awhile I was kind of upset but I'm over it I got called to come in for bus operator for 4600 back in November 2016 I was all ready to go and when I got there after hours of waiting I was told my license is perfect I have my cdl, no points, no accidents, but one thing is preventing you from working with us now and that's you had a suspension from yonkers in oct, 2014 that lasted a week and even though your license is good now we have to wait until 3 years after that suspension which is oct 2017, so I'm patiently waiting guys, I also took the train operator exam last week so we'll see
  12. they are going to deny you with a pending ticket now once the ticket isn't pending it doesn't matter if you have a ticket on your abstract as long as the ticket doesn't go over a certain amount of points or that your license is not suspended from it yeah I didn't expect everything to happen so soon either but congrats to you I'll be in there in October God willing
  13. so I went in last week so excited about starting the next class when bam after waiting for 4 hours to get seen they stated my license was suspended for three days in September of 2014 and would have to wait till September 2017 to join them smh I guess I'll just have to stay where I'm at a lil longer
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