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  1. Yes. The W started service on July 2001. During that time, the and were mostly R32, R40 S, R40M/R42, and R68/As. And for the better part of the last 10 years, R68/A and R160. Thus, this is the 1st time that the will use the R46s.
  2. The R68s on the N aren't gonna no more love lol.
  3. I was wondering why the older SMEEs (R32 - R42 & Redbirds) didn't recieve two tone door chimes during their GOH. Most cars got new everything minus the door chime. I dont know how expensive it would be to install those, but if they can get new rollsigns, new doors, new paint, I'm sure they could've squeezed in door chimes. Any insight as to why those cars didn't recieve those Door Chimes?
  4. Whats faster? At 59 Street Columbus Circle. Which gets to Canal Street 1st. PM Weekday Rush Hour. or . 59 St to Canal.
  5. Just out of curiousity, why were some R33s painted Green in the mid - late 80s? Always liked how "Greenbirds" look but never knew the reasoning behind it
  6. Northbound 6 trains are proceeding with delays after we isolated a car with a soiled interior at Brook Av. Posted: 11/6/19 10:10 AM
  7. Nah, they be flocking the train stops. There are undercover cops on the train stops. I entered Fordham Road at 9 in the morning and saw this dude standing by the turnstyles and saw the same dude at 5pm. And in my mind im like (9 to 5 is a shift. Thats a cop.) Fordham Road and Kingsbridge Road on Concourse got poh-lice for sure. Thats why the is always the better option in the Bronx along with Peak Rush Hour express, and better headways. I spend my summers on Valentine Av and East 192 Street so my advice is to take the .
  8. Whenever it comes to movies being filmed, why doesnt the MTA lend a bus to use for a scene that is trying to "authenticate" a symbol of New York. Do they lend buses to movies if they are asked like the way they do lend a Movie Train set? Unless if its a scene where a bus gets destroyed, I think the MTA could lend a bus thats just sitting at a depot not doing anything (like a bus at Eastchester or a Museum Bus) and make a minor profit.
  9. Is there any idea when the Flushing Stops north of 52 Street are going to get renovated? Stations like 52, 69, 82, 90, 103, 111 sts still have those old "wavy" windscreens and dont have the yellow "legos" on the edge of the platform. I do like those older Windscreens b/c of nostalgia, but just wondering when the is going to get those modern updates like Pelham or the Jerome Stations. My family has lived on the Flushing line since the late 80s and everything looks the same. Don't need ESI, but some upgrades would be nice. Does anybody else know other elevated parts in the system with those older windscreens? 103 especially has been looking really depressing 74 With the modern updates
  10. AM Rush 7:15 AM A bomb threat at Jackson Heights/74 Street requires immediate evacuation of the area. No trains are allowed to pass through this stop. Meanwhile, a water mainbrake at Grand Street has the Chrystie St connection backed up There are unauthorized people on all tracks of the Manhattan Bridge because they mad about something so there a crowd of people littered all over the tracks. Police get there and a person warns a cop that he'll touch the 3rd rail, so there is a standstill on the bridge. Trains are unable to use the Manhattan Bridge. Then a unruly passenger pulls the emergency brake on the in the between Grand Central and Vernon Blvd. Also a Person jumped I front of the at 191 St Manhattan Bound. In addition, major signal problems are occurring on the and and halts Service south of 3 Av 149 st. Then a Manhattan Bound catches fire at Marcy Av. Then a train derails as it leaves Grant Avenue damaging Queens and Manhattan bound tracks. Manhattan bound Trains are stuck at Smith 9 street because of debris on the track. The Express tracks are undergoing repairs after a cracked rail, and no Express trains are allowed to run. Sadly, A work train broke down inside of the city hall loop affecting trains Then in the Bronx, A fight breaks out at Bedford Park Blvd on a Manhattan bound which requires police to be called. Then a shoot out is happening in Coney Island terminal with rival gangs. All platforms are not to be used in Service. And for the Cherry on top. We have a major collision in Times Square were a rear ended a and a fire engulfs both trains. ... oh and no trains may pass through 42 st because of smoke filling up in All tunnels. (Except 6 Avenue and Lex) Lines Affected Keep in mind, buses cannot be used in area's of high danger like Coney Island, Jackson Heights, or Times Square. Runner up for Worst What If scenario of all time?
  11. I am not including , , and trains since they do not stop at Atlantic or Borough Hall. 241 St to Chambers Franklin Av to New Lots Av Woodlawn to Bowling Green Dyre Av to Bowling Green Coney Island to 36 St via West End 34 Street Herald Sq to 205 short turn at 2 Av to help out 6 Av. Forest Hills to 2 Av via and then to 96 Street Prospect Park to Coney Island To Astoria Pull a Livonia Set to run on Nostrand Av from Franklin Av to Flatbush. Shuttle buses for New Lots, and Nostrand Av lines to take them to nearby Fulton St and Lafayette at Franklin Avenue Station.
  12. Probably Just a loan. I thought the had plans to convert more of these orion 7s into Diesel.
  13. Which R62As would you say are in worse shape overall. The ones that stayed on the . Or the sets that came from the to the and then back to the . The and are very similar because these trains are high ridership locals that run up to The Bronx with the same equipment. 207 St isn't known as a great yard and Westchester isn't known for greatness either. So from a reliablity and mechanical stand point, which sets are better or worse.
  14. Do you guys think that the will use the R46s as work or refuge trains when they retire.
  15. Nah, Kingsbridge has been going down hill for a while now. Its not Gun Hill, but not that far from it.
  16. Probably a one time thing. This hasn't happened to the ones on the .
  17. The Q103 has to be the most irrelevant route in all of the MTA. I know there are other routes that are kinda out there, but what's the purpose of the 103. I know it's not to far from Queens Bridge Projects and stops by the , but other than that, that bus is just there. If you look up on Google Q103 Bus. The 1st image your gonna see 100 series Orion 5 from Like a decade ago. And a few more pics, but not a whole lot. It operates on over 30 minute headways, so yeah... most irrelevant route in my opinion.
  18. The has to be one of my favorite subway lines of all time. The is that one line that can literally go anywhere the feels like it. The can go to Forest Hills, Jamaica, To Broad/Chambers Street. It can go down West End, and it used to go down to Brooklyn like Coney Island back in the day, and it has gone into Euclid Av before. If the wanted to, they can send the down brighton instead of the to Prospect Park, or to do the Brighton express on weekends. More reccently, we've got the going up to 96 St, and now up CPW. I love how flexible the has become. Its not just a Myrtle Av Shuttle, but a line that can be used on every major B division trunk line when needed. No other train comes close.
  19. Shortage of buses. Its also the same reason why a OG can find its way on the B100 & B103. It happens.
  20. That's what I thought. I've seen people put QV on the same level of GH, KB, and YU. I lived in Lefrak City for years and the Q88 has always been good to me. I used to take the Q46 a lot in my past, and even the Q27. Queens Village routes are long, so those buses are put to work, yet I have always seen QV hold it down. Made me a little confused to see a few diss QV like that.
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