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  1. they should put them on the Q6 because almost no one pays.
  2. It was always a problem for the buses to make the right onto 134th from 149 so this change is an improvement. Making that right off the S Conduit is so much easier now. Far as an unsafe stop the crosswalks are right there and during school hours 2 crossing guards are at that location for the children.
  3. Most cars parked in bus lanes have NYPD placards on there dash. I think 3-4 years ago they added rush hour bus lanes on Jamaica ave between parsons blvd and Sutphin blvd and not one day have I ever seen that bus lane clear. All the traffic people do is ticket the one or two cars that are parked without a placard and leave the 30+ cars with NYPD placards alone.
  4. When I use to do that awful q22 in two months five days a week I did not pick up more than say 2-3 passengers a week east of 116st.
  5. I don’t see why all the complaints about rts buses because they were good buses 15 years ago.
  6. I wouldn’t have handed the paper Id to the security guard in the first place and would have denied ever having it.
  7. So I was doing the sbs 52 this morning and this lady came on who I could see before picking her up was at the bus stop with other passengers right next to the fare machines that says over and over get ticket for sbs 52/53. She got on and attempted to use a metro card so I looked at her saying to myself are u kidding me. I guess she saw the no fares collected on board and just walked in. I didn’t say a word because she just walked on in and didn’t say nothing to me. So pulled into a stop and u guess it the eagle team. Their getting ready to give her a ticket and she’s blaming me.
  8. so are we to just imagine how inside looks?
  9. So that’s where 5370 is at, no wonder Jfk is left to running shorties on the q10
  10. Most of the people who are getting arrested have money on them when they're arrested they just didn't want to pay the fare. I don't believe this poverty argument or cops targeting certain people because of race that's bs. And from someone who actually have to deal with the fare beaters I say the statistics are RIGHT on.
  11. Don’t see the love for 21yr old buses. They were good buses 15yrs ago but there time has passed. The Q6 and Q7 interline with non artic capable routes is probably the reason why those RTS buses are still at Jfk. All it takes is 3 artics to wipe out those remaining rts.
  12. Makes sense because no one gets on or off at those two bus stops.
  13. Delivery drivers are not the problems it’s cars parked in no parking zones with NYPD placards on there dashboards. DOT added bus lanes on Jamaica ave in queens 3-4yrs ago and they have never been utilized because of cars parked there with NYPD placards on their dashboard.

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