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  1. This past weekend, the MTA's New York Transit Museum, held their 5th annual Parade Of Trains over on the BMT Brighton Line at the Brighton Beach station. This year's attendees were the BRT Brooklyn Union Elevated Cars, BRT / BMT Standards, IND R1/9s, and the new consist coupled sets of R-33 / R-38, which were built by the St. Louis Car Company. Please enjoy this blast from the past experience.
  2. Here is a brand new Kawasaki M9 set (both 10 and 12 car sets) performing it in-passenger revenue run. Also featuring late AM rush hour action at the Jamaica station with the M3s, M7s, and the DE30ACs/DM30ACs, as well as a new platform construction work. Please enjoy.
  3. Here is a full HubTalk commentary of the Astoria Blvd American Disabilities Act and Station Renovation. The station was closed from March 2019 and won't reopen until December 2019. The station is also getting elevators installed. Please enjoy this new and improved commentary.
  4. Hello. This is a two part saga of the Buses Of Broward County. I visited Fort Lauderdale, Florida back on August 14th-21st. The bus system in Fort Lauderdale is known as the Broward County Transit. This agency has buses manufactured from Gillig (Advantage 40' not shown in this video), New Flyer Industries, NABI (North American Bus Industries-a subsidiary brand of New Flyer Industries), and MCI (Motor Coach Industries-not shown in this video). (Part I) (Part II) Photos Below
  5. Trains operated between Metropolitan Avenue & 34th St-Herald Square, and then, were rerouted via the Line between 42nd St-Bryant Park and 145th St, the last stop this past weekend. This detour was due to no service on the IRT Broadway-7th Avenue Line between Brooklyn and Harlem. Action was filmed at Bryant Park, Rockerfeller Center, and the newly renovated station stops of 72nd, 86th, and Cathedral Parkway-110th Street. There's also interior train action; lastly, to be honest, the MTA should've ran special Train service for those two weekends. As always, please enjoy.
  6. Taken back in March and May of 2016 on a weekday. In the first video, due to track maintenance, all uptown & trains ran express from 3rd Ave-149th St to East 180th Street in the South Bronx vicinity. The same goes in the third clip in the downtown direction. Also, in the middle, an electronic strip map dedicated to the / lines. The joint strip map was installed back in 2016 in all R142s that operated on the and lines, collectively.
  7. Taken back in 2015. Seen in this video, there are the 2015 NovaBus LFS operating on the B45, Q24, & Q56 Bus Routes from the East New York bus depot. Also, as an extra clip, the 2012 NovaBus LFSA #5870 (+SelectBusService Wrap) on the M103 Bus Route. This clip was taken back in 2016. NOTE: In The video, I forgot to mention that the 2015 NovaBus LFS 8120-8123 was also apart of the ENY roster and was later sent to the Charleston Depot in Staten Island. Please enjoy this #FlashbackFriday video.
  8. This video was taken on 5/25/2019 on Memorial Day weekend. Trains ran the line between Chambers Street and South Ferry, and service was suspended due to station maintenance. Here is the train serving the newly recommissioned, WTC-Cortlandt station on the Line. Also, The MTA will begin the rollout of the new fare payment system, called OMNY. Starting May 31, you’ll be able to use your contactless credit, debit, or reloadable prepaid card, or your mobile phone or wearable, to board all Staten Island buses and the 4 5 6 lines between Grand Central-42 Street and Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr. OMNY will only be available on a full-fare, pay-per-ride basis until every subway station, bus route, and the Staten Island Railway is outfitted with this new technology. Until then, you can keep using MetroCard. Keep an eye out for updates as the MTA introduce OMNY throughout the New York region.
  9. Seen here is the all new Kawasaki M9 EMU for the MTA's Long Island Rail Road all laid up at the Hillside Support Facility. This is the 14-car set that has doing vigorous testing within the past month in various segments of the system. The M9 EMU will soon enter service. Please enjoy.
  10. Seen here is a Bomarbier M7 Train arriving at Rosedale LIRR station, heading towards Far Rockaway,plus a tour of Rosedale. This is a commentary based on the Long Island Rail Road's access to the East Side of Manhattan-Grand Central Terminal.
  11. Due to signal modernization, train service was suspendend between Rockaway Blvd and The Rockaways. Shuttle train service operated between Rockaway Park and Far Rockaway, using the connection between the two branches at Hammels Wye. Fleet consist of the new R179, handful fullset of R46s, and an R32. It was nice to see a variety of diverse train fleet owning the Rockaways for the weekend. Aircraft action was also a part of this video as well. As part of the Project, The MTA released a PowerPoint Document based on the Tunnel Rehabilitation Project of the Canarsie Tubes. Here is the official commentary of this latest, developing news.
  12. Today, we will take a look of the diversity fleet of the IRT Lexington Avenue Subway Line. It's the only subway line to serve the east side of Manhattan, until the opening of the Second Avenue Subway at 72nd, 86th, and 96th Sts. Regular subway fleet along the line in Manhattan, and especially Brooklyn and The Bronx such as R142/As on the / lines & R62As on the . Special appearances features R142/As on the *, R142As on the , and the R62/As on the *. Also featuring, the train via Lexington Avenue Line. Please enjoy. NOTE: R142As ran on the Line from 2000-2018, when the line's NTT's went to the Line for CBTC automation in exchange for the R62As. R62s made the in-service debut on the in 1983.
  13. This lengthy video is a commemoration of the IRT Flushing Line also known as the "International Express", which started service in Queens 102 years ago on April 21st, 2019. What makes this line so special is that it uses 11 cars, the 2nd subway line to have Communiations-Based Train Control(CBTC) (1st in the IRT division). The line was ranked the best by the straphangers campaign in 1997-2000; 2009-2010; 2014-2016. The week before, a photo of a newly manufactured R211 subway car appeared on reddit.com. Here is a commentary explaining the full details of the car orders, and the subway lines they'll run on. This commentary is based on the upcoming planned service changes involving the subway line, as well as two new free bus routes; B91 and B92.
  14. Last year in 2018, I attended the New York International Auto Show. There were a lot of hot new fancy cars that were showcased this past year. There were also a 0 to 60 MPH speed test with the Toyota Camrys and a roughness test with the Jeep Cherokees. I cannot wait to see what this year's auto show will bring. This year's NY Auto Show will take place on April 19th-28th, so go out there and see the new cars. Please enjoy.
  15. Due to Weekend G.O., the line was split into two sections; Between Pelham Bay Park, The Bronx and 125th St-Lexington Avenue, Manhattan (Northern Section) and 149th St-Grand Concourse, The Bronx and Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall, Manhattan (Southern Section). A handful of R142s and (NOT IN THIS VIDEO) R142As borrowed from the line ran on the southern section of the line this past weekend. Please enjoy. Subscribe to the Transportation Hub YouTube channel today.
  16. Please subscribe to the Transportation Hub YouTube channel This recording was taken back in 2015. Weekend track work causes all uptown trains to run express from West 4th Street-Washington Square to 34th Street-Herald Square. I was lucky to catch this rare recording on this special service change. Please enjoy. Subscribe to Vici Shawdeddy's channel here. Charlie Pellett is a veteran news anchor and reporter for Bloomberg Radio. He is based in New York City. Pellett joined Bloomberg in 1992, serving as a member of the original Bloomberg Radio and Bloomberg Television anchor teams. Pellett's voice has been designated as the official "voice" of the New York City subway system. Every day, riders can hear him imploring them to "stand clear of the closing doors." He sends announcements to warn passengers of the closing doors, and current transfer and connection announcements at select stations. He formerly provided safety/delay announcements from 2000 to 2018, which is now currently done by Velina Mitchell. Once again, special thanks to Vici for allowing use of the video. Please enjoy. Here are the R160 Train automated announcements to 96th Street-2nd Avenue in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Please enjoy.
  17. Here are videos and commentaries from late Feburary to early March, please enjoy. Transportation 2018: Year In Review & What To Expect In 2019 Videos (March)
  18. Seen here is a commentary of Southern Brooklyn Politicians wanting the Subway Line To Split Into Two Routes, presented by Brooklyn Paper. Please enjoy and subscribe for more.
  19. Here are 3 parts of the NYCT Subway Car Procurement Program. Please enjoy and subscribe for more.
  20. 28th Street (IRT Lexington Avenue Line) is back in full operation after being closed for 5-6 months for renovation as part of the Enhanced Station Initiative (ESI) program. The station reopened back on January 14th, 2019. It features new entrances with LED info screen, WiFi and USB Ports, Roaming Underfoot, a glass mosaic mural on the platform walls by Nancy Blum, and new gateway entrances. Located in Rose Hill/Kips Bay in Manhattan. Please enjoy and subscribe for more.
  21. Before the R179 Train excitement starts up, here are videos and slideshows of everyday activites of the BMT Broadway Line & Trains in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan, both before and after the Second Avenue Subway implementation. Please enjoy and subscribe for more.
  22. Here is are some subway clips from January to early February. Please enjoy and subscribe to The Hub for more hot,fresh content. Trains via the 63rd Street Connector Line & Trains via the Line @ Delancey-Essex Streets & Extra Train via 8th Avenue Express @ 34th St-Penn Station & Extra Trains via the Myrtle Avenue Line to Metropolitan Avenue
  23. Here are the last couple of bus videos of 2018. Please enjoy.

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