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  1. I did, but I was late so no drivers were competing and everyone was packing up. Only 6 or so museum buses and the 9/11 MCI were on display. Both ex-Bee Lines were there also, a lot of XD40's and two 2015 LFS's.
  2. I had a driver from CS say that they stopped running them on the weekends, though I've seen 3 out last weekend.
  3. While I was driving I spotted VII CNG 7571 out of Gleason out on the highway under Astoria boulevard right were you get onto the BQE. He was heading in the opposite way. No clue what he was doing out there.
  4. I 7464 making its rounds on the Q49 this afternoon. They haven't programmed the sign it seems, because it says "Not In Service" but it had a piece of paper under it saying Q49.
  5. Today has been a ton of false surprises. I saw an RTS tailing a C40LF on the q66, so I thought it was on the Q66, but it was NIS. I saw an Orion V on Northern Boulevard and Broadway that I thought was on the Q66, but that too was NIS. As I was coming up to 82nd and 35 Ave there was a V at the corner. I thought it was on the Q49, but it was the Q32 taking a detour due to road work.
  6. Most of the non artic buses they have out on the Q10 are loud. The D60's especially. I haven't seen an XD60 in person, but I can imagine that it can be quiet enough to not bother people like the XD40's, considering how quiet they are.
  7. Wow, I always thought a D60 was gonna show up on the M60. That's awesome. I was on 7451 out of LGA and it's already got a graffiti sticker on the back seat, and the hatch on the back wall was open (which it should never be, thanks LGA) and kept swinging opem when the driver braked. I went against better judgment and looked inside. From the quick look I got, it seemed to be a storage compartment above the engine.
  8. These look really good. No back window, I guess the AC is there now? And any word on wether the 2015's are coming to Casey Stengel?
  9. Since last month I've noticed that the TTMG bus roster has been down. I used to go there since it was one of the most accurate ones. Does anyone know why it was taken down?
  10. I've heard in the past that only MTA employees can go. Is this still true or are all people allowed now?
  11. Good to hear it's coming back. I would love to go. Hope they give the dates soon.
  12. I noticed how several V's on the q32 where rusting severely. 6051 is rusting on the inside under the run number display. It's pretty bad. Most if not all the V's on the q32 are in bad shape. One of the rusted black-back V's got retired recently Only one that didn't actually look bad was 6012 which I walked by when I was at the last stop today. And that's strange. I thought Stengel was gonna get the 2015 LFS's, not the XD40's.
  13. Wow, I didn't expect to get so many replies to this thread. Anyways to clear a few things up, no, the driver was not visible in any of the pictures I took of his bus. You can't make out his face at all. I told him that, and I even showed him the photos I took on both days to prove my point. As I mentioned in my first post however, I did say that he is allowed to take a photo of me if he wants, but I wanted to find out if his superiors were asking about me taking photos of their buses. Thinking back I should've just let it go though, and it was a waste of time in the end.
  14. Kinda puts me at ease that I'm not the only one who's faced this problem. I didn't actually think of calling the cops, just because I wanted to hear the reason he took my photo since he didn't show any real signs of caring up until then. I'll keep that in mind. And as far as I know, the MTA has no rules against photography so I don't think it could've been a procedure.
  15. Hey guys, I'm kinda new to this forum so I'm not too sure where this could go, so here is the best place I could think of. Sorry if I'm wrong. Anyways, as most of you know LaGuardia just got the 2015 XD40's. So like any transit fan would I take pictures and videos if I see one. Since I need to take the Q69 home on some days, I saw one on there today, 7443. I took a photo of it and I got on and sat in the front seat on the right of the bus (bus was totally empty). The bus driver kept stopping at stops with no people and writing down something in a notebook. And about halfway to the last stop, he actually stopped his bus and took a photo of me. I know it's actually legal for him to do so if he pleases, but at the end of the line I confronted him about it. He said he's spotted me twice, taking photos of his bus. Which is true, he drove another XD40 a few days ago and I took a picture of that. He said that he took a class or something, and in it he learned possible terrorists take photos, and that taking pics of the inside is "suspicious", which implies that he thinks I'm a terrorist even though he said he didn't. He said the notebook was where he reports happenings on his route to the depot, and that he's had to write me down twice. I asked him if LGA is asking as to why I take photos if their bus, which would make me understand why he took the photo to an extent. He said no, so obviously if his superiors aren't asking for anything from me or even know I take photos, him taking a photo was sort of strange. He went on to say that "nobody takes pictures like that", and "MTA workers don't like it when people take pictures" Now, both of those claims are BS ( the second to one to a certain point, since there's other drivers with his same attitude out there I'm sure), because this is being posted on a forum for buses and trains where people take pictures of this stuff, and I have several bus driver friends who are cool with me taking photos and will initiate conversation when I get on about buses with me. I even know some out of LGA. Anyways I told him that, and I asked him to delete the photo he took in front of me, and he in turn asked me to get rid of the pics I took. Since I wanted to get out of there I just showed me deleting the photos (I use an iPhone, not the best camera, but they have a recently deleted section so I still have the pictures I took). And then he basically said that if I like buses, I should just take down the number, and the model of it and leave it be. I did get the run number and his name, so I reported it to the MTA. Not sure if it'll go far, but whatever. Just wanted to share it here too.
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