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  1. Hey, fellow board members. I hope all is well. This will be my final post. I just received the dreaded letter in the mail from LIRR. I do not have a ticket to ride this train. Apparently, my interview didn't go as well as I had thought. With that said, good luck to you all. I appreciated the info found on this forum. Kindest regards, RT
  2. We haven't received the "apply again" email yet, so there is still hope. I wouldn't recommend moving on just yet. Having said that, I am already considering other opportunities. While there may be a small glimmer of hope remaining, I am preparing for the worst, and maintaining a proactive mindset. Being passed over for the Dec class was... telling. It certainly wasn't a positive sign. No sense in dwelling on it. It is the reality. Gotta keep moving forward, right? We should hear a yay or nay for the March class between now and the end of January, giving 30 days of heads up to the new trainees' first day of class. I believe that's how much advance notice HR gives. Soooo, we'll see how it plays out. Might have to take this one on the chin, or maybe we get a golden ticket to the Chocolate Factory. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
  3. EDIT: I meant to say "after NOT getting a response..."
  4. I stopped studying when I wasn't called for the Dec class. I didn't see the point after bit getting a response from HR to my emails or voicemails. Have you heard anything from HR? Heard anything about your March class?
  5. Gathering up qualified candidates for the March class, no doubt,
  6. They did not pertain to this last class. They were in response to unrelated topics. When I asked about the Dec class or the next class, nothing. No return calls either.
  7. For me, they were quick to respond to every email I sent. I stopped receiving any responses when Dec 2nd was approaching.
  8. No updates at all, huh? I have nothing to share, unfortunately.
  9. Reality is starting to set in for me. Not looking good for the home team. Stay positive, lirrlocomotivetraine. You are still a live dog in this. Best of luck to you, man.
  10. You are reminding me ... I remember hearing similar things early in the process. I do believe you are correct. I simply forgot about the accumulative scoring/rating of each candidate.
  11. What makes you think that? Did you get that from HR? When I had asked about my score, they wouldn't tell me. They said 'what does it matter?' I just left it alone and was just happy to be called in for an interview.
  12. Congratulations, LS! Good for you, man. When did you have your panel interview? Were you called or emailed about your class date? I'm still waiting for a notification myself. Interviewed Sept. 28th.
  13. Jetfan, I haven't received a notice of any kind. My panel was in Sept. as well. I am dehydrated from sweating this thing.
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