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  1. if you want to do fix this issue, locking the thread won't do anything. Just go read some of the others. The banhammer is needed, badly.
  2. Alon Levy: Thru-run NJT, LIRR and MNRR

    Wait - you're right. They have large markers inside indicating which setting they are currently set to. It requires component replacement to change it, so can't be done in Penn...
  3. Planned Subway Service Changes

    Why not run the local all the time, instead of switching on weekends? It's more frequent, and demands CI yard access. If you're doing that, voila, then there's no demand for a local shuttle anyhow!
  4. Alon Levy: Thru-run NJT, LIRR and MNRR

    He's correct that they can traverse all systems, but they can't do it on the fly. They'd have to completely restart them in NYP (including brake tests etc).
  5. Planned Subway Service Changes

    This is an impressively dumb idea. Rerouting the main Brighton train down the express track would inconvenience the vast majority of riders. We've seen repeatedly how passengers do not want their local trains to terminate within borough. Why do you think Court St Brooklyn, on QBL, 8 Av Local to WTC are no longer service patterns?
  6. FASTRACK Subway Repair Discussion

    There could always be more time for work. It's a trade-off with customer inconvenience. Sure, people would learn to check for updates again on Sunday evening.
  7. R179 Discussion Thread

    Not sure if any of this is news, but I took a trip to Williamsburg today, and was in car 3090 out and 3068 back. So those two sets are definitely in service.
  8. R179 Discussion Thread

    Well put. Though this information is not necessarily up to date, anyone who claims it is inaccurate had better bring a source.
  9. FASTRACK Subway Repair Discussion

    It would create rider confusion to have to track multiple different closure schedules. Right now, almost all closures are either weekend (Friday night to Monday morning) or weeknight (Monday through Thursday nights). This means you can look up the changes for the weekend and that knowledge will be enough for the whole weekend. The added complexity would definitely add to rider confusion.
  10. Canarsie Shutdown fleet swap thread

    Emphasis mine. How thick are you? Stop bumping chats for no reason. Look what you have done to this thread - this is your fault.
  11. Planned Subway Service Changes

    Will trains through-run at CI or will people transfer?
  12. Happening this weekend, actually!
  13. FASTRACK Subway Repair Discussion

    Weekend closures are still active Sunday night until 5AM. For instance, the 6 Av Line is closed until 5AM Monday. So 8 Av can't shut down until Monday night.
  14. Canarsie Shutdown fleet swap thread

    Agreed. Also, can you all please stop arguing over who has the best opinion whenever anyone credible brings something to the table with more weight than your fantasy?
  15. please just let this thread die. (also, in future, please cite sources.)


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