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  1. The vendor is located on Lefferts in JFK Airport, I'm assuming?
  2. Word on the street is.... 3238-3242 has set foot on MTA Property?
  3. It’s making a run up to 207 Street right now.
  4. The first train is at 7:21 from Lefferts Blvd to 207 Street.
  5. I don't know, but the 10-car R179 will be in service by Sunday!
  6. Yeah, I seen it when the J was skipping 111 St
  7. Yesterday, I seen four R179s on the and one on the . I taken 3094 yesterday and I was pretty cold until I sat down and my initial thought was, "Yo, who was sitting here? They really burnt the whole seat!" Then I forgot that the seats were heated.
  8. Exactly. Remind me what EIS stands for please.
  9. I personally think that Artics in Staten Island are a bad idea, because of all the hills and hard turns most of the time. However, Richmond Terrace wouldn't sound like a bad idea.

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