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  1. So I seen a video of an R179 at Essex Street doing a door test again, and when the doors closed..... ONE OF THE DOORS REOPENED ON ITS OWN AND CLOSED AGAIN BY ITSELF!
  2. Now, I can’t say anything about 3010-19. I don’t think the tests before that gave accurate results.
  3. Real question: Aren’t we still short on subway cars?
  4. Yes, they have. There’s been a certain picture that was very recent floating around of an R211 at the Kawasaki factory.
  5. The vendor is located on Lefferts in JFK Airport, I'm assuming?
  6. Word on the street is.... 3238-3242 has set foot on MTA Property?
  7. It’s making a run up to 207 Street right now.
  8. The first train is at 7:21 from Lefferts Blvd to 207 Street.
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