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  1. Word on the street is.... 3238-3242 has set foot on MTA Property?
  2. It’s making a run up to 207 Street right now.
  3. The first train is at 7:21 from Lefferts Blvd to 207 Street.
  4. I don't know, but the 10-car R179 will be in service by Sunday!
  5. Yeah, I seen it when the J was skipping 111 St
  6. Yesterday, I seen four R179s on the and one on the . I taken 3094 yesterday and I was pretty cold until I sat down and my initial thought was, "Yo, who was sitting here? They really burnt the whole seat!" Then I forgot that the seats were heated.
  7. Exactly. Remind me what EIS stands for please.
  8. I personally think that Artics in Staten Island are a bad idea, because of all the hills and hard turns most of the time. However, Richmond Terrace wouldn't sound like a bad idea.
  9. I mean, it says it on the station signs when you pass it. Someone on Instagram saw it. Can't recall the name.
  10. Dutch Kills must mean an area in Queens where there is mostly Dutch citizens.
  11. I mean, this is the oldest line in New York City Subway we’re talking about. So, I can understand why and how it’s a problem for this particular station, structure wise.

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