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  1. Hop off. Keep it up. I will troll the hell out of you. Stop giving responses if you have nothing productive to say in this topic
  2. To all of you whose been complaining and been trying to remind me of what im doing lay off. Im not going anywhere so you might as well shut up and deal with it or block me. I copied and paste most of my Bullets from Wikipedia what you going to do about it. Complaing to moderator won't help. I can make another account and continue doing what im doing so get used to it.
  3. You all going into the discussion about R188 and R160 in the Rockaway's while this main topic is about C train cut back from Rockaway Park. If you want to talk about R188 and R160 in Rockaway's go on a old topic and talk about that crap.
  4. What you all saying about R160 going to Rockaway's is entirely irrelevant to the C train cut back from Rockaway Park.
  5. When the Manhattan Bridge Construction began in April 1986 and Brighton Line rehabilitation began, why was the re-routed down 4 Av to 9 Av on Midday's and Bay Parkway on Rush Hours? What affect did this new service plan had on the ?
  6. Why was moved from Brighton Line in 1986 to 4 Av? What was the purpose of the going to Bay Parkway at that time?
  7. Cool pics though. It's ultimately rare to catch at Coney Island
  8. I think it's because of the tunnels design, that's what make the street and buildings shake. What if the MTA puts in new rails but vibrations continue? The trains can also be another factor. Trains in the 1930s were lighter. Trains today are heavier and when they speed they rumble the ground.
  9. Do You think the is ever coming back I think it's the Traffic Jam that's between Parkside Av and Prospect Park
  10. Did it run out of energy or do you mean the car shut down?
  11. Still didn't explain difference between door motors. Alstom mainly the one who started door recycling.
  12. R160A doors are sensitive for riders to hold. R160B doors are strong which means conductor has open them than close them.
  13. MTA were never going to bring R160 back on Rockaway's. They know the issues already.
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