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  1. msmcmillan

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    If you pass they will either call or email a date for you to come back in for the medical. I believe anywhere from 2-90 days. If you failed the urine, I'm not too sure. I read somewhere on this forum that if you test positive for drugs they send info on drug treatment programs. After you complete the program you can take the urine test again.
  2. I might be wrong, but I think he means that if we obtained our CDL license after the exam, we have to update DCAS, or send proof? Again, I'm sorry if I'm way wrong...
  3. msmcmillan

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    I think you should be okay kev2112. I think over 35 bmi they will put you on medical hold. I think you should be okay with the prescription for bp, but someone more knowledgeable should answer that one. I would bring a note from the doctor just in case you're still testing high bp. But, if you're testing normal bp with the meds, they won't place you on hold.
  4. msmcmillan

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    Congrats, and good luck in school car!
  5. msmcmillan

    Bus Operator (TA) Exam 7612

    It is weird how they skip around. It can be discouraging at times.
  6. msmcmillan

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    Ooops, sorry for that wrong info.
  7. msmcmillan

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    Congrats Rush!!!!!!
  8. msmcmillan

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    Yep, you definitely need that disposition. You need that at the pre-employment or they will send you to get it. That will make the process longer, so get it beforehand. College transcripts I don't think are necessary. I believe a high school diploma is required.
  9. msmcmillan

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    Congrats, BrooklynBorn!
  10. msmcmillan

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    Thanks for that. I basically said the same thing to my co-worker. I knew you couldn't become a B/O from a T/O when you felt like it! You have to apply and take the exam like everyone else. Maybe during his time at MTA (29 years) they did that. He also told me about operators driving drunk and having accidents. They were sent home and came back the next day in service like nothing happened! So the times definitely changed.
  11. msmcmillan

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    I believe it takes anywhere from 3-90 days. There are a lot of people that took the urine test one than once for this exam. They never called me back for the medical in June after I did the urine, but I received another pre-employment letter. So, if I go I have to take another urine. Train operator holds a lot of weight being it is also used as a promotional title, don't be surprised if you have to do a few urines and another pre-employment!
  12. msmcmillan

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    Wow they are moving fast now! They called me in for 11/13 processing, but I don't think I'm going. List #9**
  13. msmcmillan

    MaBSTOA B/O Exam # 7105

    You don't have to train all over again do you? What is the process for someone already a B/O? Do you have a choice of OA depots?
  14. msmcmillan

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    Hey guys, I have a question about this exam and switching titles. I told a co-worker that retired from MTA a few years ago that I received a pre-employment letter for T/O but I'm declining it. He said that is a stupid move and I should start the process because if you find being a T/O too much you can downgrade to B/O. I heard of downgrading to Cleaner title, but not a B/O. Maybe that was true when he was at MTA, but I don't think that is true today. He said because it is a promotional title you can transfer without being on the B/O list. Have any of you heard of such a thing? I told him you can only transfer if you are on the list and called for that title. He said no, and we argued for hours. If anyone is knowledgeable about this, please clarify. Honestly, I think I'm right!
  15. msmcmillan

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    Three pre-employment sessions? What the hell are they doing? That is so crazy, are they trying to discourage and annoy people on purpose?


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