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  1. I believe MTA Bus Company is the Queens division and Springcreek(part time). NYCTA (TA) division is Bklyn and Staten Island. I don't think you can transfer from MTA Bus depot to a TA depot unless you actually take the NYCTA test.
  2. Hmmm, if I'm not mistaken I think we all get called on that same number. But, I could be wrong!
  3. They contacted me with a 646 number and an email.
  4. Lol, they are the masters of short notice!
  5. Kinda makes you wonder why the driver license requirement, anyway? I don't think the previous T/O test had a license requirement at all. I wouldn't be surprised if T/O required a CDL license in the next few years! It doesn't make sense, but it seems they are making it harder and more frustrating.
  6. Hmmm, interesting. I didn't realize that.
  7. I don't know what time they open, but you should go when they do. Try to be there at 7am. It will cut down on some time. It also depends on how many pre-employments they have on Monday. In addition, you know paper work has to be flawless. Basically, early bird and tight paperwork is key!
  8. Seriously! I know you guys will disagree, but I would rather get a disqualified letter. At least I would where I stand with transit. I feel taking multiple urine tests and multiple pre-employment appointments will lead to so much frustration that most will give up on the whole process. There are only so many times you can call out sick from a job before they fire you. Not to mention you have to have 10 extra days off from work for the training. It is worth it in the end for the great salary and benefits, but you might end up losing your job, and family because of it.
  9. MTA really need to stop stringing people along. This gets me upset. There are some people who have jobs, family, etc that can't keep this up.
  10. Yeah, whoever is hired is very lucky. Everything is on standstill because of the L train.
  11. I think he works for MTA bus and he wants to switch to TA, which is NYCT buses. TA or NYCT buses is a civil service position which has better benefits and pay. MTA bus company is not civil service.
  12. True, that's the best way If you want confirmation. However, you can email them. I restored my name twice thru email and they send me letters that I was restored.
  13. Unfortunately no. They just send you a letter stating you are restored.
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