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  1. Because there isn’t an effective location for the buses to layover at LGA. A bus would have to go to every terminal to drop people off and then go back and go to every terminal again to pick people up. That would take too much time especially with LGA traffic. Additionally if they did have a layover point midway through the airport everyone would board at the earlier terminal to only be kicked off at the next stop for who know how long.
  2. QV’s buses are probably some of the best considering in the express fleet considering how little usage they get.
  3. I though for the weekly Atlantic tickets you didn’t need get the receipt because the proof is on back. Just like how the uni ticket is supposed to be proof of payment.
  4. I remember very well after the nx40’s came, I got on one after taking my SAT and the bus ran out of fuel. While it wasn’t a break down it was really poor planning on their part.
  5. While I’m not sure if the overall numbers that doesn’t give you the whole story. ie. Let’s say you run a bus every hour and get 50 people on a bus and run a another bus every 20 min and get 20 people per bus. Yeah the bus service that runs every 20 min gets more passengers overall bus the bus that runs every hour gets a better usage. The Bee-Line while having a lot of short trips near NYC, it has a lot more people taking those longer trips. It’s very rare to ride a Bee Line bus that is empty for most of its trip regardless of the lines frequency. With NICE the way I see there buses is some of them have abnormally high usage while others barely have any riders regardless of the frequency. ie the n20G/H & n21 is a great example. Look at how much n21 service has been cut over the years because those buses get barely any usage. n20G on the other hand is almost always standees only. As for the the article linked I found that interesting I guess Bee Line finally passed NFTA for 2nd place in largest transit agency. Well that is if you don’t count NFTA’s LRV fleet.
  6. The Bee Line and NICE are both very different. Unlike NICE people actually ride Bee Line even on infrequent services. I’m always surprised at the decent loads buses get traveling some long distances. For NICE routes that should have a higher ridership just don’t. (N26 is a great example of route that really should have more people riding it) My only guess as to why NICE rider ship is so bad is attributed to the driving environments. Long Island has a lot of nice straight, flat and wide roads. While those in Westchester are much more hilly, curvy and narrow. On top of that Bee Line also offer a lot of peak express services that they don’t up charge for. Honestly I’m surprised they don’t charge premium fare on routes like the 17 and 77. NICE on the other hand doesn’t cater much for direct services, on top of that their routes and schedule are changing every few months.
  7. I'm definitely interested in seeing the performance of an all-electric coach demo. I also heard Tesla was going to release all their patents for anyone to use, so I wonder if manufacturers will take advantage of that.
  8. The DOt should've invested in a modular design, like the regular signs. It really doesn't make sense to waste money on things that work in every application.
  9. This is my fault for not checking the forums regularly but that was in reference to the cross honoring and not an e-Ticket. I had the service change posted on my phone in anticipation of the C/R not being aware of cross-honoring on the LIRR. I always take advantage of LIRR cross honoring. Like last I believe was last summer when they were cross-honoring to Jamaica.
  10. How'd they messed that up? Also where the white sign that states the location of the stop?
  11. How many trips could an Electric MCI even do? Express bus service is already pretty iffy, if these buses don't have a similar range (Specifically in the winter) to the diesel counterparts I can see express bus service in the city getting a whole lot worse.
  12. @LaGuardia Link N Tra I recommend creating a new direct Flushing to QCM route.
  13. I’ll say one thing in the past a lot of drivers drivers didn’t have need to actually kick off passengers for layover. They would just see 1 or 2 passengers after Hearld and instead of driving them they kick them off, rather than drive them to their destination. One driver made a false excuse telling me at 12pm that he had to go to downtown but I caught him in the layover spot a couple min later. But agin this was 2 years ago the last time I rode my own express bus was maybe more than a year ago.
  14. Huh who knew something in the Bronx would be in better shape. But the LIRR should really do better than new patches. Maybe tear resistant seats in the future?
  15. How come the Metro North seats are never ripped off like the LIRR. Frankly the seats even on the M3’s look new to me. Meanwhile the LIRR seats are either ripped or saggy. It never made sense to me because MNR and LIRR customers are nearly identical IMO.

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