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  1. Going through Jamaica takes a lot of time but due to the fact that the trains run local after Forest Hills and the fact there’s a lot of congestion in the area. Going to Kew Gardens allows passengers to take both the and the instead of one. Additionally it’s closer to the start of the express portion. The GCP also tends to move a lot better during peak hours compared to other highways in the areas. I ended up hopping on the Cedarhust bus one day by chance. I was trying to take it to the X63 that day and got of close to the normal terminal. I was surprised to see how many people were still on the bus at that point. That morning bus seem to have a lot of workers on it. I just had no clue where they were going.
  2. I would exactly do a limited zone version of the Q43. If I had to plan a route would be hard to say exactly where the route should go, but for one it should be a new route independent of others. The route should not be 100% following another route then running express to the station. I still think the bus should go to Union Turnpike station and take the GCP as to be separated from other bus lines. But ultimately I'd want it to service Hillside & Springfield. Possibly either looping back to Hillside via Little Neck Pkwy. Another idea would be to send it all the way to Cambria Heights where the Q27 terminates. But for the most part somewhere in that general area serving areas covered by the Q27, Q36, & Q43.
  3. Guess I'm a bit late but why did the SI to Hudson Yards bus fail? @Via Garibaldi 8
  4. TBH Traveling from the far east parts of Queens to the subway can sometimes be as long as a subway journey in itself. Trips to the subway from the eastern part of the boro take way too long. Having to stop at every stop along at way discourages people further down the line from using it. The alternative for those who live near the border is to take a NICE bus instead, but NICE buses barely save much time over the NYCT equivalent. The best time saving I tend to get are about 3-5 minutes. AT lot of times I get passed by the NYCT equivalent. While based off the thread the Q46 might not be the best of the options. IMO there are other areas with enough demand where it would be reasonable to run an express service. It's absurd to me the most of NE queens doesn't even have proper limited service. Brooklyn has the both the B41 LTD and the B103 running a similar route and the 103 tend to get a good load on it's little express portion. Destinations like Queens Village and Bayside could greatly benefit from having a direct service to their respective transit hubs. Even if it's a peak directions bare minimum service it's still better than nothing.
  5. I'm interested in having an express Q46 Making local stops to the GCP and non stop to Union Turnpike Station via the GCP. On the return pick up at the station then the stop after before running express on the GCP until it gets to Union. Ideally I'd want it to stop at Springfield too but that doesn't seem to be possible. Another idea would be to get a Hillisde bus instead and run it express to Union Tpk Sta once it hits the Clearview Expressway. TBH they weren't wrong this applies today as well. The only time I find Queens Express buses faster is for going from Queens to Downtown and only during the AM.
  6. Quick question Is it just me or to the FIND displays on the on the different from the FIND displays on the . On the the stations the FIND displays have a faint white dotted lie around each station and I can clearly see 2 dot matrix rows for each station. On the the display is more dark, there not dotted line, and besides the dots that are lit up the rest of the dot matrix is not visible.
  7. Queens bus routes never feel like they get the service they need. There a very few number of lines that get the amount of buses that they actually need. The Q25/34/65 is a great example of that. Some of the lines I've seen for the buses especially Q27 are so long they go around the block. Compared to a lot of Brooklyn buses and Manhattan buses I've been on I've always been able to get a seat without much of a problem. I always felt like Queens bus routes are being punished for having a much lower turnover rate compared to their Manhattan/Brooklyn counterparts. Since people are usually only going to or from one place ridership appears to much lower even though the buses are full.
  8. One of the biggest problems with the whole concept of express buses nowadays is the facts it's outdated. It's out of reach, routes are out of date, journey times are in a lot of cases are barley comparable to the subway and local bus. Even in cases where it would make sense to use an express bus I can usually get to my destination faster using the subway and local bus combination. Also the reason they existed in the first place was to bridge the 2 fare zone that no longer exist for most journeys made. In fact most of the times I use express buses is if I'm making an extremely long journey where I'd have to transfer to another express bus. Usually these are also still cases where I have to deal with the 2 fare zone either due to the time constraints or needing an extra transfer if I use the current subway/bus system.
  9. The consideration for AD buses was just my opinion not a fact or an actual known consideration at this time.
  10. That’s disappointing to hear. SI could really benefit from the additional capacity.
  11. I’ve just checked by an eagle team for the first time since 2016.
  12. Ideally IMO the Q31 should go via Utopia, right on Northern, left on Corporal Kennedy and then proceed to the Q28 terminal at Bay Terrence. Alternately is can make a left on Bell and then follow the exist route to Bayside High and then follow the Q28 to Bay Terrence. A Q26 and Q27 route swap would be a great idea IMO. As for the Q17 I'd make convert more of the Jamaica trip into Fresh Meadows trips. only 1 out of 3 buses going to Jamaica and during peak hours only Limited buses going to Jamaica. AS for the Q65 my recommendation would be Parsons and 46th or Sanford and 162nd.
  13. Is there any news/time frame when the express bus contract will be awarded? I'm hoping that it's a split contract and the 50 for NYCT are AD Double Deckers.
  14. Yes that's true but it serves the same purpose that the express bus does. It serves transit deserts where subway service is lacking. Most river side communities don't have express bus service nor do they have easy access to subways. The only boat landing with good alternatives is Roosevelt Island out of all places. You could make a case for Bay Ridge with the X27/37 and maybe Hunters Point but that's still quite a walk from the subway. Even Pier 11 has a fairly long walk up a hill to get to the nearest station.
  15. The ferry actually hasn't been doing too bad with the exception to the Soundview line most of the boat carry a decent load, and provide a decent alternative to the subway/express bus. Also a lot of the places the boats go to are already a hassle to get to with the current MTA network. I've been using the ferry a lot this summer especially towards the Rockaways because the QM16 only runs during peak and waiting 20 min for and and then getting off for the is a hassle.
  16. Has anyone noticed the high number of OG/NG on CP routes? I see them running almost everyday in multiple lines. Does CP have a problem atm?
  17. I really hope Nova'a can pull through in the future. New Flyer's buses aren't as great as they look, and they're slowly start to resemble Gillig's to me. I guess they focus on quantity over quality these days.
  18. I'm pretty sure it's that way only because of construction. But then again I haven't been there in a while so IDK what it's like now
  19. The QM21 stops at Main and Queens Blvd where you an transfer to the subway
  20. TBH Queens Express buses should just have the freedom of choice. Just have a bunch of pre approved routes they can utilize and let the driver choose which pre approved route they want to use. The biggest issue is all the routes are set up for peak service, yet a lot of the operating hours on some of these routes are off peak. While is makes sense to use Queens Blvd at 5-6pm it doesn't make sense to use it at 10am or 10pm. The QM2/20 is probably the most notorious for creating their own routes. In the past buses were all over the place. In some cases I'm not sure what is the official route anymore, especially when it comes to those super expresses as I've seen them use LIE all the way, LIE->BQE->Astoria, and LIE->BQE->GCP. I've had a couple of those buses going via 2nd av and a lot of cases in the early mornings with buses back tracking through LIC and entering the LIE there. One time i had a driver get on the BQE from Northern and take the GCP. and in all the cases where the buses went those different routes we ultimately ended up in Queens early. Now days the only variants I see is 57th vs 59th and GCP vs Van Wyck going towards Manhattan, and the buses are almost always late. These drivers usually know the best route for the time of the day their driving, but when there stuck to route only intended for a small portion of the day it makes it frustrating for everyone traveling outside the peak hours.
  21. Because there isn’t an effective location for the buses to layover at LGA. A bus would have to go to every terminal to drop people off and then go back and go to every terminal again to pick people up. That would take too much time especially with LGA traffic. Additionally if they did have a layover point midway through the airport everyone would board at the earlier terminal to only be kicked off at the next stop for who know how long.
  22. QV’s buses are probably some of the best considering in the express fleet considering how little usage they get.
  23. I though for the weekly Atlantic tickets you didn’t need get the receipt because the proof is on back. Just like how the uni ticket is supposed to be proof of payment.
  24. I remember very well after the nx40’s came, I got on one after taking my SAT and the bus ran out of fuel. While it wasn’t a break down it was really poor planning on their part.
  25. While I’m not sure if the overall numbers that doesn’t give you the whole story. ie. Let’s say you run a bus every hour and get 50 people on a bus and run a another bus every 20 min and get 20 people per bus. Yeah the bus service that runs every 20 min gets more passengers overall bus the bus that runs every hour gets a better usage. The Bee-Line while having a lot of short trips near NYC, it has a lot more people taking those longer trips. It’s very rare to ride a Bee Line bus that is empty for most of its trip regardless of the lines frequency. With NICE the way I see there buses is some of them have abnormally high usage while others barely have any riders regardless of the frequency. ie the n20G/H & n21 is a great example. Look at how much n21 service has been cut over the years because those buses get barely any usage. n20G on the other hand is almost always standees only. As for the the article linked I found that interesting I guess Bee Line finally passed NFTA for 2nd place in largest transit agency. Well that is if you don’t count NFTA’s LRV fleet.

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