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  1. Congrats. As far as advice, definitely get to know the pre-trip inside out. As far as driving, its the easy part, but remember to call everything out so they know you are paying attention. You will pass a drawbridge so make sure you know what to say for that. You will go under a few over pass so remember to call that out. Also know that when doing the DMV road test dont worry about your right side, dont ride two lanes, make sure you stay in one lane. Also if you are making a left turn, make sure you turn into the left lane, if you turn from a double left lane, remember to turn from the outter lane. Message me if you have any other questions.
  2. ^Now you wait to be called back in for Medical. Can be anywhere from 3-90 days.
  3. Took and passed my DMV road test today. Officially an MTA Bus operator. Thank you to everyone for the wealth of knowledge on here. I hope to keep sharing my experiences with everyone on here..
  4. it could literally be anywhere form 3 days to 90 days. I took my paperwork back in on a wednesday and did drug testing that same day. I got called back that friday to report for medical the monday that was coming up. Once I did my medical I was told to report to training the following week. So just know that it varies but once the medical is done its just a matter of time before they give you a date to start training.
  5. Everything went well. Passed on Day 7 now I have to take my DMV road test this friday. Almost there. And congrats to everyone who passed their day 7.
  6. Question, when performing the interior wraparound on the pre-trip, What is the best way to go about calling out the buttons?
  7. Congrats. Anything you recommend and can share with us about your experience on the CDL roadtest?
  8. Thank you. I actually printed that yesterday. And today I practied my Alsaps and a bit of my pre-trip and I was all over the place. But i figured out a few words to use so that way I dont force myself to say something and then try to correct it. As long as you are getting better and know where your errors are try your best to correct them. In the mirrors make sure that on the right side you see the floor and your rear wheel and adjust it accordingly because you want to be able to see that you aren't going to hit a curb. So take your time and adjust accordingly, but the key thing is to ask the instructor questions even while you are in the process of doing something.
  9. ^what happened on Day 1 if you dont mind sharing? Also how'd it go on Days 2 and 3? For me, Day 2 went ok. I drove through the city and the instructor made me make a turn which I knew I could make but I made an error in my judgement since I lost my focus and kept looking at the white lines rather than observing the turn and setting it up correctly. Luckily I didnt hit the curb but I caught my error. And my second error was as I drove down one street with cars on my right and keeping my distance, the next block there were no vehicles on the right parked so I left that open without moving over to protect my right and I had 2 cars pass me. Once the instructor told me about it, I quickly corrected it. Day 3, didnt start off exactly perfect since I forgot to put the bus in Drive and left it in neutral while on a hill which could've been catastrophic but that was my one of my errors and not signaling right as I serviced the bus stop. The areas I didnt do too well on the day before I took my time and corrected them today. The instructor said I did really good. So now I have to work on perfecting my pre-trip and ALSAPS when i go over them and calling out all my hazards when i'm driving.
  10. Anyone started training today June 29th? My day 1 was pretty cool. it was a group of 4 of us and the instructors main concern was to get us familiar and comfortable with driving the bus. We went over ALSAPS but in a way where he made it a bit simpler and we worked on both right and left turns. Looking to apply what we've learned so far tomorrow. I still have to work on my pre-inspection since I'm going in with a permit and he thought us the difference in how MTA wants us to drive and how we should do certain things with DMV in order to pass the road test.
  11. ^Thanks. Went in for day 1 which was orientation and filling out paperwork, and watched a few videos. Got our book that we need to study and tomorrow starts the official 1st day of training. Looking forward to it and good luck to everyone.
  12. ^22xx. But I got called back in March but had to clear a driving violation and I finally went back on June 17th to finish the process.
  13. ^gotcha. SO I went in today for my medical and everything went well. I start training on sunday. I'm beyond excited and thankful to god for this opportunity. Also there were alot of people there today for various positions. This is the most crowded i've seen it since I've been going. But the lines were moving. Anyone else going in for training on June 28th?
  14. ^yea just realized that the 28th is a sunday. Always thought training started on a monday.
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