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  1. Have you also bothered to look at the income of residents in the area? Stony Brook and the entire PJ line is essentially upper middle class to upper class families and residents. Ronkonkoma is located in an area with lower class to middle class families which include a brick ton of people who commute to the city daily. The people that go from Ronkonkoma are usually within a 15-20mi radius or from eastern Long Island, not Stony Brook. If ridership was really bottlenecked on the PJ line you would see overflow from people living in Stony Brook.
  2. I work at MacArthur Airport, there are over 200 people a day that our shuttle service deliver back and forth to the airport from Ronkonkoma. Tiny? Not really. We now have 5 airlines operating out of MacArthur. Southwest, Frontier, American, Elite Airways, and Allegiant. This would classify it as a medium sized airport. Its also on the outside of Class B airspace (I wont get into aviation stuff) and is extremely busy compared to comprable airports like Stewart International and Republic. In terms of "ridership is low at Stony Brook because there isnt enough service". Have you looked at the area the station is in? It's all residential and the other side is all SUNY Property, which would never be developed. On the other hand, if you look at Ronkonkoma, Everything is nicely laid out in grid fashion and leaves plenty of room for development, right next to an (now being converted) International Airport. If I had to agree with anything you were saying, it would make more sense to electify the Ronkonkoma Line out to its current end in Greenport, as that would open up more ridership for people east of Ronkonkoma.
  3. Stony Brook has nowhere NEAR the ridership necessary to support an expansion project like that. There's no "BRT" being developed down Nicolls Road. Ronkonkoma needed the bottleneck relief. You somehow in your mind say that "other agencies" are being ignored. Suffolk County Transit has no relation in funding or operation to the LIRR(which would actually run your fictional BRT, that project has long since been scrapped). Ronkonkoma is busy because there's another 50 miles of Long Island east of Ronkonkoma, which people commute to and park there. (You fail to mention there is also a decently sized yard and an Airport located at Ronkonkoma.)
  4. You can clearly hear both propulsions are powered in the married pair, so it's not being towed...
  5. Nice to see that the M9's can operate in union with the M7 sets, I doubt that will EVER happen in revenue service, but its good to know that they're capable of operating together.
  6. Ran into someone on the M9 program today, says they wont be in service until January or February at least.
  7. LMAO did I make it look like I was insecure? I'm not gonna sit by as a Long Islander and let someone step all over us, everyone is a douchebag in the state, not just us.
  8. The stupidity in this statement, "the likes of Sean Hannity and Anthony Scaramucci". Travel anywhere outside of NYC and you'll see the same type of people. You're describing 60% of Americans right there my friend. Keep politics out of it. Everyone in New York is a douchebag, not just people from Long Island. Don't start talking like you're "superior"
  9. Why is the NEC AC then? Just the way it was from the start?
  10. So basically, in the case of the M7 and M9, 750V DC power is sent to an inverter which converts it to AC use for a motor? Which creates the noises heard? M8 being different, AC - DC - AC?
  11. Yep, M7-M9 all use Mitsubishi, its easier to swap parts that way. I believe everything is the same just the inverters are tuned differently on each unit.
  12. I was literally just about to, I'm VERY disappointed with the propulsion. It's so bland.
  13. Then again, in Britain, they have lots of government support, on their "Federal" level. They also have a lot fewer regulations when it comes to finding contractors e.t.c., and their construction process takes much less time.
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