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  1. Ssssso. I just got a voice mail and text telling me this: "This is the MTA notifying you that we have mailed you a letter to report for employment processing for Bus Operator, Exam no. 7612. Please refer to your letter for your scheduled reporting date. If you do not receive your letter by Tuesday, November 10, please call us at 347-643-7149 to confirm your appointment. Please note that you will be required to have a valid CDL permit with passenger endorsement when you report and if you do not have one, you will not be permitted to proceed in the process at this time. Thank you." Now i have 2 questions. First. Does this me im actually foinf in to sign off on the process, or is this the whole paper work with the putting down my work history for the last 100 years situation i went through for the p/t application. Second. They say i need at least a permit with no restrictions. On my current permit i have an E P A3 M P on the bottom. Are thise going to disqualify me? Thx guys in advance.
  2. I still havent heard anything. And they told me 30_90 days. Smh. Starting to think i wasted my time. Did get a letter about exam 7612 though. Telling me to expect my list number soon. Again. Probably a waste of time.
  3. Hey guys. A lil off topic but not much.. Mods Please move if needed.. I just got my pre employment notice on Friday. I studied for my cdl sat and Sunday and went to take the exam yesterday.. Got passenger endorsement yesterday. Then today got general knowledge and airbreaks. But I got general at one site then airbreaks at another. During the paying process the dmv worker said there was an PC error and my airbreaks didn't come through after I past the exam. I past and it sent me to the pay line but she said that all the computers these weren't functioning properly and to come back tomorrow to get my permit without restrictions. Because the permit she first gave me before I brought the error to her attention not even 2 minutes prior has the "L" (air breaks) restriction. Now I have to be at Mta tomorrow at 730 am for pre employment. I have a little slip from the dmv that shows I took airbreaks and that the computer failed with a dmv stamp on it. Do you guys think I will be able to get in, or at least get a chance tomorrow in between the process to go to dmv so that they can fix my permit?
  4. Ok. so how do I protest via email or postage?
  5. How do I protest an answer? Is it too late for me to try ?
  6. Thks. Yeah I did the math on the %age and didnt know the max. I read that there are so many extras to get after 100% like vets credit and what have you. Just trying to get an idea of where I would be. Thanks again.
  7. Ok. Got my results. Out of 80 how many are you allowed to get wrong, or what do you guys think would be a good number to still be in the running, I got 7 total incorrect .? Is that a good score out of 80?
  8. Hey guys, I got a low 1400s list number. What do you guys think my odds are to being called?
  9. I think you may be correct. Just had time to re-read. Maybe I was extra tired from the whole day process of taking exam 7612. 😃
  10. How will I get the same letter for 7612 it's civil service.. Not BOSS. Correct?
  11. No, it's saying basically that they are merging both into one number, which is the higher number. Basically knocking me back even more than before.
  12. Yeah it does suck. I mean it's basically telling me I wasted my time on not 1 but both exams SMH.. I may as well not even applied for 7300. And yeah I did go in for 7612. Sat for it today actually.. Damn test made my head hurt, lol.
  13. Hey guys, here's the scenario. I took both the 7300 and part time 7304 boss exam.. On the 7304 which I took first I received a list number in the low 1400 range. Got my letter saying (my name) congrats on completing the exam yada yada yada. Then a few weeks later I recieved another letter on exam 7300 saying dear candidate we received your application for mta bus Co. Exam 7300. Since you have successfully completed the BOSS for mta part time #7304 within the last year,you do not need to retake the survey for exam 7300. Your name will be added to list when established with the list number above, (which is over 4800). After established they will call me in list number order. MY question is, is this right? Why did my number go from 1400 to 4800? And why are they using the high number with my name on a boss I haven't even taken yet, Vs. The lower number I got on the boss I actually took.? Is there some reason for this. Or do you guys think this is a mistake. This happened to any one. Thanks in advance.
  14. Wait. I don't get it.. How do you know you failed.?
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