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  1. Saw 2 Gilligs [ not sure of numbers 2006-7 or 2206-2207], different paint scheme, blue & silver, Whitehall & Delaware. Anybody know how many , are they 2020 or 2021 models
  2. Passed by the Cummins Dealer on Railroad Avenue & saw theses CDTA Buses out back: 4189, 4204 which appears as if it's never been in service, clean as a whistle, no license plates or advertisements & Artic 5518 in the Schenectady color scheme. Also there is 1 Dutchess County Transit Bus & 1 Newburgh Transit Bus.
  3. With the new arrivals, has anything been retired besides the 3100's ? Also CDTA has acquired the New York State Government Shuttle Bus Contract Away From Yankee Trails From The Broadway & McCarty Parking Lots.
  4. 1902E: BC6935, I was riding directly behind this unit.
  5. 3102,3104, 3106, 318, along with Long Time residents 9907 / 9910 All parked out back in the Out of Service Section. Next to
  6. Shortly Gillig 3102 is parked out back in the Out of Service Section next to 9907 + 9910 + 318.
  7. So CDTA's brass had a press party today to unveil the New Flyer Electric Buses. There are a total of Four of them, numbered 1900E--1903E. More to come later.
  8. NX--MCI #318, Is parked out back in the Out of Service Section. Does anyone have any knowledge about the whereabouts of the two Electric Buses ? They are not parked out back nor have I seen them in service.
  9. 4194 has been Repainted back to its Original Blue Color Scheme from it's temporary Breast Cancer Pink Scheme.
  10. 4085 is in Schenectady. 4031H was being towed in this morning @ 8:30AM , I saw it getting of I-90. Does anyone have any knowledge about the whereabouts of the 2 Electric Buses?
  11. Has anybody seen either of the two Electric Buses , #'s 1900E + 1901E anywhere in service or in storage? I have not seen them since they were removed from the back of the Albany Depot.
  12. 4072 is parked out back in the Out of Service Section next to 9907/9910.
  13. Disney has received approximately 70 / 2019 Gillig Low Floor Buses, numbered from 5210 (19) up to 5279 (19). 5279, the highest numbered bus was manufactured in June 2019. This group is unique in that they are all wrapped for different characters. In this year one of their buses had a fire while running for the employee shuttle. I have been unable to determine what the exact bus number was or if it has been repaired or scrapped. I had the chance to ride the newly refurbished Green Monorail. It is far superior to the other non rebuilt one's. I have the feeling that the yellow one is next to be redone.
  14. The two Electric Buses are no longer parked out back. I have not personally seen them in service. Also, 4008 has been seen back in Schenectady Limited Stop Service mostly of last week, with it's Destination Sign Indication as such, except that it's sill in I-Ride Blue.
  15. Gillig 4187 also now has the updated Led Hyper-White Headlights.
  16. LFS Nova 9910 has reappeared in the Out of Service Section in the Albany Garage. There is also a Second Electric Bus 1901E Out Back parked next to 1900E and the afore mentioned 9910. Gillig #4184 now has the updated LED Hyper-White Headlights.
  17. Low Floor Nova 9907 + 9910 are no longer parked in the Out of Service Section of the Albany Depot. The Electric Bus 1900 is alone back there. 4046H appears to be Back in the Troy Garage, it's been on the 22 Route for the last 2 days.
  18. The new Electric Bus is sitting outside in the Out of Service Section.
  19. 4194 is the Breast Cancer Awareness Bus parked out back.
  20. Gillig 41xx which is wrapped in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness has been Out of Service for over a week and parked out back next to the two LFS Nova Buses 9907/9910.
  21. They have 40 foot Gilligs from 2007 to 2018 which are numbered from 4000 up to 4194 consecutively along with 5500 to 5517 which are used on the Schenectady to Downtown Albany Limited Stop Route. Also have some 30 Foot Gilligs which 3e in the 3100 series along with New Flyer Articulateds 6000 to 6008 + 5518.
  22. Yankee Trails has added to its fleet. Today I saw 348 , an MCI J series. Not sure what year it is, 2017 or 2018. Will be watching out for 342, 344 + 346. In case you didn't know, they only have even numbered buses.

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