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  1. 78 via Stew Leonards

    Bronx Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    southbound Bx7s should run along 230th St between Riverdale Ave & bway. Not touch 231st at all
  2. send the BxM2 down the West Side Highway. It'll make that route a lot quicker
  3. 78 via Stew Leonards

    What are the best MTA Bus route

    M66, M72, M96
  4. 78 via Stew Leonards

    Bus Stories

    They made one stop at Kappock St/Independence Ave, then the next stop was 232/HHP
  5. 78 via Stew Leonards

    Bx9 SBS Study

    I was thinking have Locals terminate at 242nd St while the SBS is running, and SBS makes all local stops north of 242nd
  6. 78 via Stew Leonards

    Bx9 SBS Study

    the ideal Bx9 SBS would be this. LOCAL from 262nd to 242nd. then run via Bailey Ave between Van Cortlandt Park S and 225th St/Kingsbridge Rd.
  7. 78 via Stew Leonards

    Bus Stories

    I do remember the detour around 2008 when all northbound buses would take Kappock-Palisade-232nd-HHP East
  8. 78 via Stew Leonards

    Bus Stories

    One time back in March 2006, on a Sunday Morning, I was on a Norwood bound Bx10 and at 237th St/HH Pkwy, there was a truck stuck and it was blocking the road going south. So the bus driver actually GOT ON HH PKWY itself for one exit before getting off at 232nd St. I thought it was the craziest thing being on a bus on the parkway itself.
  9. 78 via Stew Leonards

    Bus Stories

    I was getting off at 259th, not 263rd. And I don't live in Yonkers.
  10. 78 via Stew Leonards

    Bus Stories

    Bad experience: coming home from Stew Leonard's in Yonkers one evening, the Getty Square bound 78 completely blows past the stop, so I had to catch the Central Park Ave bound 78, take a very indirect route of the 20 south to Bedford Park, and then catch the Bx10 back to Riverdale. But it doesn't end there. At 231st & Bway, the driver stops the bus and claims she has to use the bathroom and leaves to never return. Eventually a Bx7 shows up and I grab that back to Riverdale. A trip that shouldve been 30 min ended up being 1 hr, 45 min. Good experience: a couple weeks ago, I caught the last northbound BxM1 on a Sunday night. The driver asked every passenger what stop they were getting off. He made it to 230th St in record time, and then at 230th St/Riverdale Ave, he made a RIGHT TURN to head north on Riverdale Ave up the hill to 239th, saving even more time. I gotta say that was the quickest ride back I've ever had
  11. 78 via Stew Leonards

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I like your mentality. If I saw a R62A I'd jump on that faster than you can blink. And as far as R32s go, I'm really trying to catch one on the . I wanna feel the express speed in a 32
  12. 78 via Stew Leonards

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Bronx: Bx3, Bx7, Bx9, Bx10, Bx12, Bx20, Bx22 (Fordham Ctr), Bx23, Bx26, Bx30, Bx31, Bx34, Bx55 (Fordham Ctr) Manhattan: M2, M5 (Wash Hts-Greenwich Village), M9 (City Hall-Peter Cooper Vill), M12, M15 LTD (City Hall-E Harlem), M98, M100 Queens: Q5, Q12, Q17, Q28, Q32, Q33, Q35, Q50, Q67, Q85, Q88, Q112, Q113 Staten Island: S74, S79-SBS
  13. 78 via Stew Leonards

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Two nights ago my train went express on the local track from West 4th-34th St.
  14. 78 via Stew Leonards

    My bus route service sucks!

    It sucks when certain bus drivers drive like 90 year old grandmas when theres' no traffic around them at all!
  15. 78 via Stew Leonards

    Unplanned Subway Service Changes

    Why don't they just send both the and the down to South Ferry on weekends until the construction is finished?


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