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  1. 78 via Stew Leonards

    MTA Buses on 9/11/01

    Seeing a R62/A just seems so odd. I vaguely remember the redbirds on the ( I was 5 years old in 2001 ) and even less so on the . The first time I ever remember seeing a R142 was on the sometime in late 2001/early 2002, then I remember the R142A on the in August 2002, (vaguely remember seeing redbirds on that line before that, but nothing else). The is the only IRT line I remember seeing R62s on back in the day (other than the ) and those things made the line what it was, (along with the occasional redbird here and there). I don't remember the getting any newer trains until several years after the around late 2002/early 2003.
  2. 78 via Stew Leonards

    MTA Buses on 9/11/01

    When did the ever have R62A's. I don't ever recall seeing an R62 or 62A on the or ever.
  3. 78 via Stew Leonards

    Cortlandt Street will re-open in October on the 1 Train

    I'm just excited there will be a direct connection between the and the PATH
  4. 78 via Stew Leonards

    Bronx Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    Liberty Lines Express was the best of all the PBL express services. Those MCI classics were speeding bullets on the deegan, and service was mostly on time.
  5. 78 via Stew Leonards

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    The will probably make every BxM1 stop in Inwood eventually despite them having no business being there. They'd be smarter if the introduced a new route (we'll call it M99) from Inwood to Lex Ave/34th St like the M98 does almost.
  6. 78 via Stew Leonards

    Bronx Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    Something has gotta get the BxM4 off the concourse, and have it EXPRESS up to the North Bronx somehow. Maybe extend it further north into Yonkers itself. I think the BxM3 would get some North Riverdale ridership on Riverdale Ave with my proposed revision.... What's your take(s)?
  7. 78 via Stew Leonards

    Bronx Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    There isnt much ridership on the BxM3 from Yonkers to begin with.
  8. 78 via Stew Leonards

    Bronx Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    It'd be a quicker and more efficient ride for North Riverdale riders on the new revised BxM3 which may attract more ridership from up there. Not many riders use Broadway north of Mosholu Ave to begin with (especially in Yonkers). Same with the new Woodlawn-Sedgwick Ave BxM4
  9. The RTS are great and have a ton of power. Orion V's were pretty awesome too, especially the 400-600 series with the exhaust coming from underneath. I loved the sounds of those boys, along with the Bee-Line Orion Vs. Older CNGs had a nice ring to them too. I mostly miss the older generation buses that all had their own identity by their sound, it made riding NYC buses fun! Now everything is too generic, sound all similar and don't have the power like the older babies. Not to mention these newbies dont save the environment at all like they claim.
  10. 78 via Stew Leonards

    Bronx Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    HERE IS A MAJOR EXPRESS BUS PROPOSAL FOR YONKERS ROUTES BXM1, BXM2, BXM3, AND BXM4 BxM1/2: They are truncated to 246th St and exclusively serve South Riverdale where most of their ridership comes from. BxM3: Sedgwick Ave service is cut out, and goes straight to Broadway, then Mosholu Ave, 254th St, and Riverdale Ave all the way to Getty Sq. BxM4: Redirected from the Concourse to the Deegan, then serves Sedgwick Ave, gets back on the Deegan at Van Cortlandt and shoots up to Woodlawn. Use the for the Concourse. These will be the following stops for each bus. BxM1/2 HH Pkwy/246th St HH Pkwy/239th St HH Pkwy/235(6)th St HH Pkwy/232nd St HH Pkwy/227th St Kappock St/Knolls Crescent Kappock St/Johnson Ave Johnson Ave/Irwin Ave 230th St/Tibbett Ave 230th St/Bway BxM3 Getty Square Riverdale Ave/Vark St Riverdale Ave/Ludlow St Riverdale Ave/Valentine Ln Riverdale Ave/261st St Riverdale Ave/259th St Riverdale Ave/256th St Riverdale Ave/254th St Mosholu Ave/Fieldston Rd Bway/Mosholu Ave Bway/254th St Bway/Lakeview Pl Bway/251st St Bway/246th St BxM4 Katonah Ave/242nd St Katonah Ave/237th St Katonah Ave/234th St 233rd St/Kepler Ave 233rd St/Oneida Ave 233rd St/Napier Ave Van Cortlandt Park S/Bailey Ave Sedgwick Ave/Van Cortlandt Ave W Sedgwick Ave/Giles Pl Sedgwick Ave/Ft Independence St Sedgwick Ave/197th St Sedgwick Ave/Kingsbridge Rd Sedgwick Ave/Bailey Ave Sedgwick Ave/Webb Ave
  11. 78 via Stew Leonards

    Bronx Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    southbound Bx7s should run along 230th St between Riverdale Ave & bway. Not touch 231st at all
  12. send the BxM2 down the West Side Highway. It'll make that route a lot quicker
  13. 78 via Stew Leonards

    What are the best MTA Bus route

    M66, M72, M96
  14. 78 via Stew Leonards

    Bus Stories

    They made one stop at Kappock St/Independence Ave, then the next stop was 232/HHP
  15. 78 via Stew Leonards

    Bx9 SBS Study

    I was thinking have Locals terminate at 242nd St while the SBS is running, and SBS makes all local stops north of 242nd


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