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  1. This makes me feel old. I remember when the Neoplan Artics were the brand new thing to the Bee-Line System. They were amazing to see at first. Now the times are changing, and not for the better.
  2. The service also won't really be improved until you insist on the drivers hauling ass with these buses. Express buses aren't meant to be slow and many of the drivers are driving like old ladies now.
  3. Weekday night northbound BxM3 trips after 10:00 always switch off with the BxM4 in which ones the MTA will send out and which ones they won't. Friday night, the 10:05PM northbound BxM3 never showed up and on Sunday afternoon, the 3:30PM southbound BxM1 never showed. Mid-late afternoon southbound trips tend to have this problem from time to time on the BxM1/2, especially on weekends. also, outside of Rush Hour, no express buses should be going through Inwood at all unless they are making stops there. The whole process to get to the HRD can take 15-20 minutes.
  4. nyc buses, especially express buses should not be governed at all. unleash them and feel the power as they zoom down the highway
  5. When there's not a lot of passengers on an express route, the driver should take short cuts to the specific stops that the passngers need. Example, if nobody is using Inwood on a Riverdale bound BxM1, the driver should skip Inwood.
  6. Get these express bus drivers to get to their destination as fast as possible. During the nonstop section, GO WHERE THE TRAFFIC ISNT. If there's not a lot of riders on the bus, ask them where they're getting off, and go off route to get to those stops quicker.......! Also, dont be afraid to drive fast
  7. I've seen bee-line buses make the stop at 242nd, drop everyone off, and swing over to the eastern lane to VC Park south many times.
  8. I miss the days when Staten Island Express routes were labeled "X" and made sense
  9. Seeing a R62/A just seems so odd. I vaguely remember the redbirds on the ( I was 5 years old in 2001 ) and even less so on the . The first time I ever remember seeing a R142 was on the sometime in late 2001/early 2002, then I remember the R142A on the in August 2002, (vaguely remember seeing redbirds on that line before that, but nothing else). The is the only IRT line I remember seeing R62s on back in the day (other than the ) and those things made the line what it was, (along with the occasional redbird here and there). I don't remember the getting any newer trains until several years after the around late 2002/early 2003.
  10. When did the ever have R62A's. I don't ever recall seeing an R62 or 62A on the or ever.
  11. I'm just excited there will be a direct connection between the and the PATH
  12. Liberty Lines Express was the best of all the PBL express services. Those MCI classics were speeding bullets on the deegan, and service was mostly on time.
  13. The will probably make every BxM1 stop in Inwood eventually despite them having no business being there. They'd be smarter if the introduced a new route (we'll call it M99) from Inwood to Lex Ave/34th St like the M98 does almost.
  14. Something has gotta get the BxM4 off the concourse, and have it EXPRESS up to the North Bronx somehow. Maybe extend it further north into Yonkers itself. I think the BxM3 would get some North Riverdale ridership on Riverdale Ave with my proposed revision.... What's your take(s)?

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