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  1. Anyone here still waiting to be scheduled for a S&D overview
  2. Ok so I guess I have a while to wait mine was sept 9th they graded everyone’s test on the spot and interviewed the ones that passed
  3. How long does it take to get the notice in the mail after being on an outstanding certification ?
  4. Well I hope they squeeze in some people they skipped
  5. September 19 2017 as long as they are pulling names it's not too late but how often idk , I got my name put back on as well
  6. Any other classes after January ? My list is 78** was of the list now I am back on so I hope I'm in the next wave
  7. Is the ss print out mandatory ? Or is that for people that don't have all their w2's
  8. go down to dcas on 1 centre st find out why and appeal , the automated system told me the same thing come to find out it was because i didnt list my employment back when i applied now waiting to be put back on the list
  9. any one know what list number they up to on this exam ?
  10. I didnt have hope after i got my scores years ago and realized they would never get to my list number but after hearing last called was 7207 thats really close to my number and after patiently waiting for a new exam to do better on maybe i can dig up my hopes i buried on making this exam lol figures crossed
  11. Can someone briefly explain what "you are not on a outstanding certification " means , or direct me to the page in this forum
  12. i signed up the very first day and i am taking it on the 23rd so im guessing its random lol
  13. Pee in a bottle in between stops ... haha jk im curious to know also
  14. They been delaying that exam for a year now , according to the last exam list expires september 2016 so who knows
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