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  1. Who is your trainer? I came from last class.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I start training on Monday!
  3. I didn't get a list# for Station Agent but I start training on the 6th. I also just got list # for traffic checker exam.
  4. Hi @BxJay120 I did final processing on 10/09, training starts 11/06 but I don't recall being sworn in. Was a step missed or will they do it at training?
  5. I asked today. This is not a temporary job. It says provisional because the list is not established yet. You just need to complete probation.
  6. Thank you @Dgopes! @GRACE54 you should call or just go to 180 Livingston.
  7. My first appointment was by mail. Final processing I got a phone call and email.
  8. I missed my original appointment on 9/20. That's probably when other S/A's where filling out paperwork. I went in the room with various titles.
  9. I had pre employment appointment on 9/22, paperwork and drug test. I got the call today to go to final processing on 10/09. I am being considered for training class on 11/06 if all goes well!
  10. Thank You! Very anxious to see how long before I get a call or email.
  11. Hi, How long ago was this? Same thing happened to me. I just went to pre employment on the 22nd. How long does it take from here? How was the training? And congratulations!!!!
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