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  1. I can confirm as of today, the train I was on finally had corrected announcements at 59th Street! They are finally adding the “Transfer is available to the F AND Q trains...” announcement that has been on the NRW since the Second Avenue Subway opened. It’s also timed properly again before the doors open. Can’t believe it took them this long.
  2. Where did it go? To the line as well?
  3. There is a R142A is still operating on the as of this morning. Witnessed at Cypress Av in the Bronx going downtown.
  4. I am so happy I am not the only one who thought the has recently become horrendous! I literally have been complaining to their Twitter account on the daily about the type of headways they have been running. Every single morning, especially over the last month, trains during rush hour on the Pelham Local line in the Bronx have been 10+ minutes! The platform is packed with people. I’ve lived off this line for almost 5 years and I’ve never seen such a horrible reduction in service levels as I have lately. You think Manhattan service on the is bad, try living at a local stop on the Bronx. They literally will run three express trains, 2-3 minutes apart, to a single local no matter what time of day it is! It just recently got better in the PM rush after I complained about waiting 15+ minutes almost every day at the same time for an uptown local and watched 3-4 empty run by at 3Av-138th. Now it’s the morning rush, and you’ll see these multiple express trains go by with literally no one on them. Meanwhile, the rest of the local platforms are packed beyond belief, specifically in the AM. And if there’s any sort of delay, like a 10 minute wait for one followed by a 12-13 minute for the next, they will make it run express via the local track and skip your stop. You then get to wait longer just to get on a train that everyone else at local stops is waiting on, and it’s completely packed! Then by the time you get to 3Av-138th going to Manhattan, you’re almost always passed by another express that beats you into the station and gets first dibs on leaving, where you sit and wait for it to cross over and the switch to change so we can leave. It literally will take me 20+ minutes sometimes to get from Cypress Av, to 125th with the way they handle local service in the Bronx. They constantly screw over their local customers. It’s horredous. If there really is a train shortage, then I think the last thing they should be doing in the AM is continuing to short-turn trains at 3Av-138th, or run more local then express to make up for it. The gaps it creates, specifically when there are delays anywhere along the line, has cascading effects in the Bronx. You’ll never get anywhere. I also take the line further up into the Bronx and typically they run every 3-6 minutes uptown, opposite of the peak direction in the morning. But, the last few weeks I’ve gotten to the station and seen 15-18 minute headways. They just don’t get it, I swear it’s like there has been nobody behind the wheel at the Rail Control Center seeing these gaps and trying to mitigate them. And if you try to tweet to them or contact them, you won’t hear a peep - or even better - they’ll wait 15 minutes to respond to tell you there is a train 2 minutes away. The same train you were complaining you were waiting 20 minutes for. Sorry, I had to vent about this once I saw other people complaining, I feel like I complain to them on the daily and no one is listening or acknowledging there is a problem with service!
  5. Does anyone know the reason for this recent move? Why the rest of the R142A trains were sent to the besides just one train?
  6. I got off and had to switch to the 6 at 125th, would have liked to stay on and see if I could. Like I said the conductor never said anything the entire trip up, even after it announced it was a Woodlawn-bound express train. It was a R142A 7611 I was on. Interesting to see nonetheless.
  7. Around 7:20PMish I caught an uptown train at 59th. It announced itself as Bronx-bound express train as usual — until 125th when it announced itself as a Woodlawn-bound express train. I noticed on my way up the strip maps were in fact showing a full express run to Woodlawn. Signs and everything said BRONX EXP. I take this route every day at the same time and have never seen a FULL express to Woodlawn. I know they sometimes do some Burnside Av, but this was a first for me. I know they did a pilot a long time ago but never really seen it fully running express like this and they never made any announcements that it was an incorrect route or anything. Stops were: 149th GC - Burnside Av - Woodlawn
  8. I was riding a downtown N train today, car #8867, and after some time it caught my eye that there were new displays underneath the FIND where artwork is normally displayed. It was looping animations of different MTA rules and notices. I also noticed a wireless access point and antenna device in between the double windows between the cars. Is this a new rollout of some sort? I was wondering if it was a Wi-Fi test car, but never knew anything about new displays though.
  9. I've noticed over the last couple of weeks, and especially this week every single train I've taken now says: TO EASTCHESTER-DYRE AV instead of the TO DYRE AV. At first I thought it was just the , thinking maybe it has to do with the Combo Strip Map installation/programming that they might have changed it back? However, over the last week or so I've seen select trains now saying TO CROWN HTS-UTICA AV now as well instead of TO UTICA AV. And with the select few R142A on the I've seen at least one set say TO BROOKLYN BRIDGE instead of TO BKLYN BRDG. Finally, one thing I've noticed in the morning on trains downtown is that it says BRONX-LEX AV EXP. But during the evening rush it will say the full BRONX EXP then LEXINGTON AV EXP. Not sure why that's necessary to shorten. I'm happy they are switching back to the full length, let's hope it continues...
  10. I was just at 125th Street waiting for a train and noticed the male announcement voice was different when announcing when the next train will arrive. Instead of: "The next uptown express train to Pelham Bay Park will arrive in 2 minutes." It was saying: "There is an uptown express train to Pelham Bay Park 2 minutes away." I thought I was hearing things or it was malfunctioning at first because of all the train noise, but when I finally heard it clearly I was like okay, it is different! It's a little confusing, because I'm so use to hearing "There is a..." and thinking a train is actually arriving, but now it says "There is..." for everything, instead of "The next..." I don't know how I feel about it yet.
  11. Best: Hudson Yards Fulton Center Coney Island Worst: 3 Av-138th Street Chambers Street ^These are both essentially rotting away. It's disgusting.
  12. Saw a #3 train enter 125th Street on Lex uptown express side as Not In Service. I'm almost positive it switched from there to the Pelham line. Not sure if a loaner or getting washed. I believe the last car number I saw was 1652. I could be wrong.
  13. Yes south of Westchester for sure, I was leaving Cypress Ave going downtown.
  14. I just saw a Not In Sevice R142 on the 6 express track going towards Pelham Bay Park on my way to Manhattan. Couldn't see the number but it was definitely an R142 with that noticeably loud HVAC. Do they lend trains from the 4 on Sunday's for tomorrow's rush?
  15. Thanks for the information everyone, interesting to hear it's been going on for some time now. I was at 125th Street at like 3:15PM and the next train was a 3Av-138th Street, followed by a Pelham Bay Park EXPRESS, followed by a Parkchester bound local that was still 10 minutes away. Something told me to get on the 3Av-138th one, because it was clear this was the last one (when this is supposed to be done at 3:00PM), and they were beginning regular service again. Sure enough, the countdown clock that was orange with 3Av-138th, changed to Parkchester! I jumped on, the conductor said nothing, shut the doors and as we pull out of 125th, he says "This train is going to Parkchester." I felt bad for people on the platform because it was so confusing, no information was communicated and the sign randomly changed so last minute that I don't think anyone noticed. He really could have just waited and said that in the station instead of making people wait 10 minutes for the next local . He initially said it was a 3Av-138th Street bound, and that it would be the last stop.
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