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  1. If you find that you have difficulty wearing the NYCT issued boots then you must have the Alternate Boot form completed by a podiatrist. You are allowed two boots which Transit will reimburse you fo= the boots. (amount to be reimbursed is determined by brand you purchased). Boòts ordered must be on separate receipts for reimburse to occur anywhere from a few weeks to month). Boots don't have to be black. I ordered two of Timberland Pros with composite toe in brown and they were approved
  2. I can only imagine. Personally, I would go down to Centre Street and speak to the individual at the window or someone in charge regarding what happened. They might be able to help rather than waiting for the woman who says she will check with certification tomorrow. Also, from what I remember, when you apply to restore your name to the list they gave a paper that I think gave contact information in the event there was a problem with restoration.
  3. When did you go to Centre Street to get your name restored to the list? Did you receive a letter in the mail a few weeks after saying your name was restored to the list? I remember early last year I applied to have my name restored to the Track Worker list and they called me to report for final processing within 2 months. I've been working for NYC Transit for 1-1/2 years now. You should probably follow-up with Centre Street to see what happened. If you're not assertive with Transit, they'll let you slip through the cracks. I'm praying for you, buddy!
  4. Congratulations!!! It's a wonderful feeling.
  5. It takes about 2 months to be reinstated to the list. I know first hand because I had to be reinstated early last year to the Track Worker list. After applying for reinstatement at Centre Street, I got a letter within a few weeks that I was reinstated to the list followed by another letter a few months later to report for final processing.
  6. Yeah I was told by some veterans not to sign up for OT while you're on probation. Mostly because most accident/incidents occur during OT so you don't want to put your job in jeopardy.
  7. I know the letter I received said salary was $31.8792 per hour.
  8. Thanks Tricknologist! You're right! Just checked Notice of Examination. I don't know maybe it's not meant for me to be a Train Operator because initially I took and passed the Open Competitive exam before I was hired by Transit. I was informed by Union if I accepted position then if I wanted to return to Track it would be up to Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent to inform Assistant Chief Track Officer to decide whether or not to all loo w my return. Basically, they were saying it was at my own risk. Of course, I told them then I would turn down the offer and apply to take the Promotional Exam instead at the end of this year since I had the option to return to Track within one year. Unfortunately, they neglected to inform me that I needed to take the Union's Transit Certificate program. I dunno know maybe they forgot or s something. I'm thinking ahead about the future because physically I know I can't work 25 years on the Track. Will call the TWU Training Program to inquire about Power Distribution Maintainer course since I'm interested in that too. I should be certified before they give another exam. I wonder if Training has to be in close proximity to time you're scheduled to take the exam. Nevermind, I'll ask them.
  9. @MsHottieWithBody and drenyce311: One thing for sure the CR and TO are much friendlier than the SA. I don't know why some of the SA have a problem with us TW. I must say RTO doesn't hesitate to wave, give the headnod, or smile when they see you flagging or walking along on the platform.
  10. Trust me you'll be able breathe a sigh of relief. Not to mention, good $$$$ in your pocket.
  11. Thanks I got it! Will call and see if they offer another class. I appreciate your help.
  12. thanks! please email me the flyer to knynethepoetiksoul@rocketmail.com
  13. Congratulations, MsHottieWithBody!!! I'm a female Track Worker. Sometimes foreman has me flag so maybe I'll see you on the road. Girl Power!!!
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