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  1. It was nice meeting you too @mikeems1...as well as the others that were there. We finally made it!!! Good luck to all that started today and who are currently in School Car and to the ones beign processed to the next class!!! We'll keep you guys updated. Good luck to all!!!!!
  2. Man I feel like they have been stuck with that 4255 number for the longest. @mikeems1
  3. Oh okay, what number did she say they were up too? @mikeems1.
  4. Hopefully we do @mikeems1. Hopefully. @tprashad0719, good luck with your first practical, you're gonna be alright man. Wish you the best of luck.
  5. @tprashadp0719, thanks for the good advice bro
  6. Hopefully within the next 2 weeks we should be expecting a call @mikeems1
  7. To all candidates who begin this Monday November 30th good luck!!!! Wish you guys the best!!! Keep us updated on what goes on. @tprashad0719, how you making out brother, any updates on those TSS meetings this week? @mikeems1,we're next bro, hang in there, anytime soon we should be expecting a call. Anyone got called for medical this week or scheduled for next week, anybody recieved a call today? Thanks for the update and may everyone enjoy your weekend!!!!
  8. @mikeems1, hey bro. I'm doing good. Hanging in there. Crossing my fingers we get a call next week or something. I called Ms Rivera to find out when is the next class and she said December 28th. I'm assuming me and you shall be in that class. Let's see what next week brings.
  9. Congratulations to everyone who got called for medical and final processing. Hope everything goes very well. Good luck!!!@mikeems, my brother we're very very close. Let's hang in there. We're next!!! @statensirt...if someone can't start that date for any reason, contact them and let them know if it's possible to be put on the following class.
  10. That's how they work. I think they call alot of people for drug test so in case alot of people fail the drug test, they have enough more to keep calling for medical. Remember that urine is good for 90 days. I've heard of people that go past the 90 days and have to come back for another drug test. That happened to me when I became a Conductor. But let see what happens the next few weeks. Hopefully we're very close.
  11. Oh okay K423, I was told yesterday the same thing when I called. I was surprised to find out that they still haven't fill up the class for the 30th of this month. I was surprised because the 30th is almost around the corner and if anything they should have the class set up already. But let's see what happens Mikeems1.
  12. Definitely bro @mikeems1....its Tuesday today and instead of letters now we're hoping to get a phone call soon. Hopefully we hear that phone ring soon. @tprashad0719, how you making out brother? Don't stress bro,.take it one step at a time. Concentrate on passing your first yard practical. How's the cutting and addings? Is it difficult? @k423, did you call them to find out what's your status?
  13. Hey @mikeems1, everything went well yesterday. Very smooth. I was supposed to go today but they didn't give me the day off so they told be to go a day before which falls on my RDO. I hear there is a class the 30th of this month but didn't hear anything about them trying to fit in more people. Hopefully you and me can make it. Next step is to wait for that phone call to come back in for Medical and final processing. That's basically the day you're in there for the most part of the day and they do a full medical on you and get sworned in. They told me that they'll call me in 2 to 90 days. Which I believe it will be way less than than. Let's see what happens bro. Did they say anything else?
  14. @tprashad0719 thanks my brother I remember those days walking at 207 St Yard and learning about the R-42's and R-32's.... and @mikeems1 thank you too. I'm really exited and it's a great feeling to know that I finally got this letter. The drug test basically consist of getting there and hand in your completed application as well as them performing a urine check on you and remember to go back 10 years as far as your background. List all the jobs you've had in the past and addresses where you have lived etc...I won't be a whole day thing depending on how many people there. Bring your completed application, S.S card, ID , passport if you wish, birth certificate, just in case bring your H.S diploma too. Now when you're done with the drug test they will tell you to leave a number where you can be reached for them to call you in for a medical and final processing. That's the big day where you'll be in the for the most part of the day. It's recommended to bring in snacks as well. And yes, a TSS rode my train yesterday and he advised to study signals atleast 1 hour a day to make the test a little more easier to pass. Even though we all get nervous and things happen unfortunately but let's be positive and try to nail this guys. Good luck to all and let's keep in touch. Anybody else wanna share helpful thoughts we appreciate it very much.
  15. @mikeems1...Hey my brother did you opened up your mailbox today? I opened mines up to FINALLY find the letter I was expecting for Drug test for Train Operator. My list number is few higher than yours so I'm pretty sure you got your letter today latest tomorrow. Keep me updated. I gotta go November 13th at 7:30am for Drug exam. @tprashad0719, right behind you my brother. Hope all is well with you.
  16. @mikeems1...hi everyone. I haven't logged in for a few days. I'm back now lol. I'm glad you signed up for the Conductor exam. An advice I can share is that the test in not hard. It's simply basic knowledge questions. They will ask about points of interest for example...where is the Empire state Building, or where is Little Italy in Manhattan. They will throw a little timetable questions like how long does it take for Train such and such to reach certain stops or how long is a round trip from terminal to terminal. They will put a diagram and just gotta pay attention to diagrams provided. Other than that, it's pretty easy. As for as top pay for T/O's, I know that this January, as part of our contract, we're due for the last 2 % raise. So top pay for Road T/O's will be $34.50 an hour. And C/R's top pay on the road will be $30 11 an hour. The job is very easy, just once in a few gotta deal with certain situations, sick passenger, delays and etc....but other than that it's a cool job.
  17. Hey my brother...@mikeems1. That's great news. Hopefully we can get that letter soon. @tprashad0719, she's good bro. TSS Murray is strict, but she teaches very good. You need instructors like that to become a good T/O. I hope you're doing good and that you may pass this training. Good luck to all of you as well who are in School Car/YX program or posting. Be safe out there everybody. Let's keep crossing fingers @mikeems1.
  18. Hey bro @mikeems1...thanks for the update. She definitely is very nice. Hopefully I'm still crossing fingers that we can make it to any of those upcoming classes.
  19. More than likely your 2nd trip will end on or around the same time your job clears, or ends. If you arrive to the terminal after your clearing time then you are eligible to fill in a late clear which is the overtime. There are various reasons to arrive late to the terminal. (Delays/incidents/etc). Best number to contact Ms Rivera is 1(347)643-8218
  20. You're welcome bro, anytime. Hopefully we get that letter very soon. Yes, definitely we Conductors love the newer trains, alot of features and makes our jobs much easier.
  21. Hopefully it is @mikeems1. Not too sure what it really means. I just spoke to Ms Rivera like 5 min ago and she said that it means they haven't reached that number yet for consideration. Though she told me not to worry about it because the list doesn't expire until Sept 2016. She said that a class started today. Next one is Nov 30th, another one in December and she said there is a class on January as well. So definitely I'm hoping me and you as well as others on this forum can be reached for consideration soon. Briefly, on a regular workday, I report to my location along with the T/O. Usually they give you a 15 min report prior to your departing time to give you enough time to read bulletins, any G.O's and any service changes. Depending on the line that you're working, for example me, I do 3 round trips on the line that I work. Some lines only make 2 trips, other lines 4 or maybe up to 5 trips. The shorter the line, the more trips you do. The longer the line, the less trips you do. For example, on the A line usually you do 2 trips. Some jobs make 1 trippers, but then you're on WAA (Work As Assign)the rest of the 8 hours. During that time the dispatcher can use you to make an extra trip, or to work platform duties etc.. The J Line mostly does 3 trips. The L line does 4 trips some jobs are 5 trips, but usually the 5 trippers pay more money that'd already build in the job. Jobs that pay over 8 hours are considered penalty jobs because it pays over 8 hours. Some jobs are 1 trip and a half or 2 and a half meaning you report at one location and finish at the other side of the terminal. And also you do for the most part work together with the Train Operator, have the same lunch schedule and clear the same time.
  22. @mikeems1...I hope it's an error. That automated system makes mistakes once in a blue. But definitely I feel like it's getting closer for us bro. If anything you should get the letter first because you're a few numbers lower than me. I wonder how @tprashad0719 is doing.
  23. Definitely keeping my fingers crossed bro @mikeems1. Now with the updated info about the last number hired which is 4255 makes us feel that we're getting much closer. And according to what ralphed007 stated, we're definitely gonna get that letter soon, hopefully. The only funny thing is that now it says that "I'm not currently on an outstanding certification" when I called the number. @tprashadp0719, good luck on your first day at the MTA NYC Transit. Congrats on your new career once again and break a leg bro. Please keep us updated and if possible ask Ms Rivera tomorrow or anybody there in behalf of us waiting to get that letter how much longer they're gonna keep on hiring. Thanks once again bro. Be safe out there!!!
  24. Yes @tprashad0719....they go by your list number when it comes time to pick divisions. But remember that it all depends on the needs they have. They might need 20 on the A and 10 on the B or it could be the other way, it all depends. I wanna wish you the best of luck and hopefully I get to meet you. Don't forget to only buy a 1 way Metrocard tomorrow to go to Livingston. Hopefully it'll be the last day you will ever pay for a fare to ride the train or the bus lol. Tomorrow you will receive your pass. Congratulations once again bro. And at mikeems1, let's keep hope and crossing our fingers to get that letter.
  25. @mikeems1, how you doing bro....it's when a group of T/O's get hired, usually it's starts out of a group of 40, 50 even sometimes up to 60 people. But they get assigned to different instructors by groups of 10. @tprashad0719, you get to pick you're division the 2nd day of orientation.

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