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  1. Nice. I'll probably see you on the tracks soon. Just got two of your classmates at fulton street last night. What are your rdos
  2. I'm a current trackworker. He's 100% correct with his breakdown.
  3. Ive been asking the instructor if he has heard about any new class coming but he has not. My guess is they will start hiring again after the new year. I hope they get you guys in time for the snow this year. Good luck!
  4. What would we do about medical after retirement then?
  5. Actually the highest seniority number is 1973. Lots of people are taking about a mass retirement in 2 to 3 years. If this list is still active they will probably be going through it quickly. A good friend of mine is list number 5000. I'm still holding out hope for him. For all those waiting, keep in mind that this is a tough job. I have a background in construction and stagehand work and this job has presented the harshest environment I've ever worked in. Everything is heavy and everything can possibly kill you. If you're on the list and will be called soon you should really think if this is the job you want to do for the next 25 years (unless you move around in the mta). I've read about how dangerous the job was for about a year or two. I take everything people say with a grain of salt but now that I'm out on the tracks I see exactly what they are talking about. Be prepared. This is not like any other job you have ever done. All of the jobs for the last class were x jobs. Upo and myself both got capital nights. I haven't gone to my hq yet, still training. Hoping we can stay there for a few months to get the taste of capital work and some ot
  6. I just read this now, but we were in Westchester yard on the 10th doing slotter n chainsaw. We will probably be back there soon. Keep that electric tape there and I will try to find you.
  7. Nevermind. I just read your post from a few weeks back.
  8. We will be reporting there Tuesday but I'm not sure if we will be staying in that yard... 23 years on the job, that's awesome. The training is very focused on saftey. Have you had any serious injuries?
  9. Absolutely not. I come from the other side of ny lol. I'm assuming you have been in training for a few weeks now. How has it been?
  10. Not yet. I might be soon, how is parking there? Deciding on if I should drive or take the train.
  11. I was the idiot with the sunglasses. Lasik surgery. Should be completely healed by Wednesday, fingers crossed. What'd u think about the first day?
  12. Is it true they cut your training time down to four weeks?
  13. I think there will be a 3rd class right after or even at the same time as the 26th class. If there is, I'm almost definitely sure you will be in that class with your list number. The October 5th class had about 30 people in it and they went through about 80 people to fill that class. Assuming the trend stays the same, you should get a call for the next class.
  14. Yes I did. Like I said before. The woman I spoke to said they were hiring track workers like mad. So hopefully they run through that list quickly. Lots of guys failing drug test and medical or failing to follow simple instruction. Pay attention to detail and you will be in before you know it.
  15. Went in for final processing today. Everything went smoothly. I tried to find out some more info about future classes, all I was told is that they were hiring a bunch of guys. Good luck to all
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