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  1. 5832 is currently being unwrapped at KB. It will likely be retaped like 5836, seeing as how its missing its blue stripe under the wrap just like 5836 did.
  2. 5579 has had its farebox removed and is awaiting to be brought to scrap. 5574 may possibly suffer the same fate as it caught on fire a few weeks ago and hasn't seen service since. and as far as i know its not on KBs property.
  3. 6899, last time i checked a few days ago is at QV still being refueled but is listed as NIS. As far as I know it hasn't run since it broke down on that snow loan.
  4. i believe there's 2 more. but I'm sure it's not the last.
  5. 5822 currently being unwrapped for local service at KB
  6. Does anyone know why 1226 is on hold at ECH? it's sitting in a corner by itself.
  7. what makes you thing diesel fuel can't catch on fire? it needs to be combustible for the engine to run. it may be less combustible than gasoline, but it's still combustible none the less.
  8. that's interesting, i saw it driving around west farms road without it's sbs scheme.
  9. I also saw this nonsense. Apparently he has a "reliable source" however he doesn't seem to understand that you can't cancel an order that never existed. EDIT: typo.
  10. I'm Cammy lol... 5988 is at Zerega currently and NOT Casey.
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