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  1. I SECOND EVERYTHING !!!!! A lot of people have relatives that have been in Transit for YEARS and YEARS...New Transit is not like the old...We are drilled day in day out..If you mess up, FESS UP..Eyes and ears everywhere..Trains for the most part, can talk. They do not like people that 'LIE' down in the MTA..Your life there will be short lived. Study..Rest, and then when you feel like you have studied enough..Study more...GOOD LUCK ALL !! It is a new way of life..
  2. There is a lot of questions about money, days off, leaving other paying jobs, etc. on this forum.. In a nutshell...I am going through training myself...It is really tough. I was in an industry my whole life and this is all new to me. ( I am a bit older than you guys in their 30's) add about 10 years. It is about studying and following the rules. The feeling when you get the letter in the mail is only the beginning. They will tell you, it is all about what you put into it. I am not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination. I still have signal tests to pass, etc.. yes, you start is Monday-Friday for the first few months. Then all bets are off. Money is good, and yes they pay during training, you WORK for it. When you get home from school car at night, it is not over for the day. I don't want to speak for everyone, I LIVE, SLEEP, EVERYTHING MTA at this point. IT IS A CAREER..Forget about previous jobs where you were the boss..You are stripped of all seniority and power...( remember when you started your first days of school..) I hope this helps a bit..Good luck..any questions, I will try to also answer..Good luck..J
  3. I got called in about 2 weeks. Called on a Friday afternoon, Had to report on the following Tuesday.
  4. Good luck to all that start tomorrow. It will be a complete WHIRLWIND. They will go over everything with you over the next week or so. Medical etc...DO NOT BE LATE...GET THERE 45 minutes early every day at least..
  5. If they told you gray. It doesn't matter. Short or long
  6. It definitely is overwhelming. I am SO beat when I leave there in the afternoon my brain is fried. I hope things ( I know) will start to click. Like Erik says, Thanks for the info WE ALL APPRECIATE the knowledge.
  7. OK.Erik...We are in the SAME group...
  8. Good Morning all..Anyone starting on the 27th coming from the Northern burbs. Driving? train? Heading out today for the dark pants and gray shirt.
  9. Thanks for the info. Glad you passed though.
  10. Same experience here...See you on the 27th Matt, What happened? Medical? Congratulations!!
  11. Kind of minor, a letter for a script. It all worked out. I passed the ear, eye, EKG all ok. BEST OF LUCK TODAY!!!!
  12. Free for the next couple of weeks..LOL
  13. Hello ALL !!!!! After a minor problem yesterday...I went back today..SWORN in..Start July 27th SO HAPPY !!!
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