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  1. I was in Tuskegee for couples weeks too and they make us picked another depot I choose Manhattanville and I love it there
  2. @Future MABSTOA the training is Mon - Fri but all depend if is not a holiday during the week because if is a holiday you will have to make that day on a weekend
  3. @Future MABDTOA ir you not able to take the next class they can set you up for the one after if*
  4. @stepurgameup did you call the number I gave you?
  5. Call this number tomorrow (347) 643-8213 her name is Juanita Chestnut she's the one who's incharge of that exam 3101
  6. @BigBuckzz I didn't pick any depot yet probably this week
  7. @stepurgameup the training is a little stressfull because the first 7 days training is to see if you qualify for the job and if you dont qualify in day 7 you have to do day 8 and 9 and if you dont qualify in the 9 they give you one more chance with 2 instrcutors and if you dont qualify there you out and for you to be able to qualiffy in day 7 you have to do everything good in day 6 because if you mess it up in day 6 you automatically disqualify for day 7.
  8. @lmarshall279 yeah I qualified the training was a little stress at first but everything is good
  9. @drop11412 I feel really good with the training today we off and tomorrow we going to Manhattan
  10. @drop11412 9 to 5 Do you have the license or the permit?
  11. @drop11412 the first day was a lot paperwork and some videos and the day 2 we start training in the bus but is a lot it turns the I never did before but everything is good
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