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  1. Thanks a lot everyone! So I shouldn't worry about grammar questions like the one I listed on my first post?
  2. What do you mean reading comprehension? Like read a paragraph and answer questions?
  3. To continue my thought, when I mentioned "Passbooks are a waste of money, and a good resource for the Bus Operator test is a DMV study guide", I forgot to ask, is there a similar resource for the exams relevant to me?
  4. So I've spent many hours today searching for an answer, so I thought I would ask. I plan on signing up and possibly taking both exams coming up (Fall and Winter signup). I won't get into specifics, but I want to do everything I can to score very well. I was at a bookstore the other day and decided to pick up a general Civil Service study guide. I opened it up and took some practice exams, they were not easy. My math skills are strong, however, I wouldn't consider myself a grammar expert. I didn't score all that well on the grammar usage section. I had my wife, who is a Harvard Law Grad and is currently a contract attorney, take a look. She didn't score as bad as me, but she did get some wrong and mentioned the tests were very difficult. A sample question that I found quite hard is : Select the sentence that represents the best example of English grammar: A .In Europe, scientists have found that the drastic changes in weather is in direct correlation to the increase in car use. B .The Magic Castle in Hollywood have been declared a historic landmark by the City of Los Angeles. C .There is a water shortage therefore waiters should only serve water to patrons on request instead of bringing water glasses to everyone at every table. D. After years of serving the community, the local library will be shut down due to lack of funds. I also found some spelling sections difficult as well. Before I go overboard and spend time studying material that isn't relevant to the exams, I want to ask what should I expect on these tests? I've read those Passbooks are a waste of money, and a good resource for the Bus Operator test is a DMV study guide. Do the type of questions I mentioned above exist on the test? Also, do they have spelling/grammar sections? What kind of math questions (multiplying fractions?). What kind of questions and topics should I look into? I've read that the exam is very easy and is basic math and trip situation questions. Can anyone confirm this? If I'm going to give these exams a shot, I want to do everything humanly possible to do well. Thanks!
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