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  1. I’m set for the July class got my books and Green paper, I peek over the counter the highest # that was suppose to come in today was 306
  2. Juss got my email to come in for the medical Monday June 11 for the July 9th class. List #30X
  3. It was after 3 , plus I double called
  4. I honestly didn’t ask, but from reading other threads, I think they do at least one every month. By the way the list is moving, I hope to be either in the July or August class
  5. I talked to ms. Vargas (person in charge of hiring train operators) earlier, she said the July class will only have 40 people and August 12th is likely to have 60
  6. For the guys who started school car from this list. How is it going? Did they let you pick your division or threw you in to one?
  7. Congrats bro, i should get my email soon My list # is 30X
  8. 1. It’s part time in Bk, I live in the box 2. I’m waiting for my email for the medical and class for train operator.
  9. Just got my pre-employment for 7304 (list # 25xx), I’m going to decline it tho
  10. Correct me if me if I’m wrong In the A division the 2 from Wakefield to Flatbush and in the B division the A from 207 to Farrock both are close to 2 hours
  11. 127 signal😱damn that’s a lot, MTA T/O don’t have to worried about that much. I got to a train operator in training who was going back to being a bus driver, he said he just didn’t study and would rather stick to what he knew already.
  12. Even if you have parking tickets, u can’t take the drug test. I went to fight a parking ticket at 210 Joralemon st and it got dismissed real quick. Make sure you guys take care of them if you got them.
  13. I guess the may class is full because they informed everyone about the June class, she said June 3rd (Sunday), but I think she meant June 4th(Monday)
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