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  1. jon2305

    R188 Discussion Thread

    This. Should keep things in order. Common scene.
  2. jon2305

    New York City Subway car listing

    I would like to point that R62A 1716-1720 (Westchester based) is at 207th St Overhual Shop receiving SMS treatment. By far the first set of many from the to get it. The end bonnets look like they've already been cleaned up.
  3. jon2305

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Its in service, just saw it at grand central.
  4. jon2305

    R188 Discussion Thread

    Thats what I was asking earlier. Apparently, there still needed on the . Some of the loaned R62As have been there going on 4 years.
  5. jon2305

    R188 Discussion Thread

    Any status on the 240th yard R62As sets, are those stay on the ?
  6. jon2305

    R188 Discussion Thread

    Makes sense keeping those R62As there for Work Service, Refuse Duty, etc.. considering the retired single-units WF-R33 & 36s that were used for these sort of task are no longer their since early 2017. Those R62As can provide some AC comfort during the summer. Also, seems as if the R188s continue to cycle through 207th St Overhaul Shop. I saw R188 (Converted) 7541-45 layed up outside the shop recently.
  7. jon2305

    R188 Discussion Thread

    1923 is still at corona yard alongside 1906 & 1907.
  8. jon2305

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Its complete nonsense and there's still another week left of this to deal with.
  9. jon2305

    R188 Discussion Thread

    1954-57-58-59-60 are grouped together and are layed up on the same track as 2081-85 & 2091-95 at corona yard. That leaves only 15 single 62A sets that remain unchanged.
  10. jon2305

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    So an R62 from Livonia was put into service on the today between New Lots Ave & Woodlawn. The consist was 1491-95 & 1581-85.
  11. jon2305

    R188 Discussion Thread

    Those 62As on the that are loaned from the should be destined back over to their home base (240 St yard). SMS overhaul work is wrapping up on all of 240 St R62As, just today I saw at least two 1800s that were freshly out of 207 St yard overhauled and running on the . The loaners that are currently on the are whats left to be SMS'ed (2221-25, 2346-50, 2456-2475 30 sets) then the attention could go over to Westchester's R62As which in all likely hood are badly need of some decent maintenance.
  12. jon2305

    R188 Discussion Thread

    It may seem likely, however there's plans to transfer the 62As from the .
  13. jon2305

    R188 Discussion Thread

    When I rode an R188 on the last week, the majority of the trip from Times Square to Willets Point was on CBTC bypass.
  14. jon2305

    R188 Discussion Thread

    Hard to believe it's already been a month since the R62As on the were sidelined from service on the Flushing line. Had a chance last week to take a look at Corona yard from the boardwalk and noticed some interesting sightings regarding those 62As. All the 1900s single-units are deployed around and laid up within each other while the 5-car linked sets (2081-85/2091-95) were also laid up next to each other. 2071-2075 was in the maintenance barn being checked on. Some of the rollsigns display , express, Special, (11) rollsign on car 1926, there's even a express shown on 62A car 1924.
  15. jon2305

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    What's with all the green (12) rollsigns that keep appearing on some of the R62As


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