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  1. So apparently, some douchebag placed a citibike on the local track st Steinway Street and......... well the video link below say's it all. Credit to SubwayCreatures on IG: https://www.instagram.com/p/CUDYJTwDxMG/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  2. The first 5 car R211s (4060-4064) have been out and about along the doing clearance testing. Rolling thru Manhattan territory for the first time I believe, this evening.
  3. R211 4060-4064 was testing on the Rockaway Test track today, under its own power.
  4. If anyone happens to pass by C.I. yard on the between C.I. Stillwell Ave & 86th St, you'll get a glimpse of the R211s end signed up as a . Currently alongside the "veterans" R46 & R160.
  5. The have a ying & yang scenario equipment wise these days with the R46's and R160s.
  6. 2241-45/2411-15 are back on the .
  7. There coming! According to recent post's on SubChat, (tomorrow early morning) first R211s delivery bound for Coney Island yard via car float & SBK RR.
  8. Why am I not surprised anymore by.... people.
  9. Most likely their there to provide needed air-conditioning to the garbage trains for the summer.
  10. The service is hot trash today. Its been a while since I've rode this line but man, smh. Just felt like I needed to rant about it.
  11. That R142 was there yesterday. I can attest to that, but no idea why.
  12. Happy Friday everyone, hope everyone's safe out there and their love ones are too. Just want to give my respects & condolences to the family of Garrett Goble, motorman who was killed in the line of duty during the midst of the pandemic approximately past 3am tonight (one year ago). It was truly disgusting and upsetting the way he went out and the unnecessary circumstances of why this had to happen to an essential worker and most importantly human being. Wishing all the MTA workers out there a great weekend and stay safe. Ya'll keep the city moving without a shadow of a doubt.
  13. SMH.... Excuse my rant, but cheesy looking. There's no need for that LED green circle if its running on the IMO. Can't they be more creative than that and the fact that it's only on 1 car. I'm sorry but if this is where my tax dollars are going towards then I don't see ANY improvement. Just my two cents
  14. The spent approximately $600 million on those trains for all intents and purposes of replacing the R32s & R42s that were still remaining pass their useful life. So yes they will stay and serve the transit system for the long haul. It wouldn't make any logical sense at all to pull them of again and restore a car fleet close to 60 years of age back into service. The R179s are still relatively brand new even after two years so there still some kinks they have to troubleshoot on. They continue to check and maintain any viable aspect of the R179s so they'll get it together moving forward. The R142s which were made by the same builder as the R179s (Bombardier) had there issues early on as well, as did other subway car fleets. Despite all the mechanical flaws, bottom line at this point and time the R179s are needed and the can pick up the slack once the warranty on the R179s expire. There's no need for the blame game towards the T/Os or train crew in general. They are quality trained to know how to operate and control the movement of their assigned train. Unless there's more to it with said "Black Box", T/Os don't deserve to be scapegoated. The Bombardier techs from what I've heard don't grab as decent as the Kawasaki techs do when applying the braking system into a station and in bad weather it's the same issue with all the tech trains.

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