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  1. R62As 1908 &1910 have been inserted within the 1921-22-1925 consist, forming a new 5 car set.
  2. R62A 2406-10 is on the . Seen it this past week.
  3. Service at 145th Street has been restored according to MTA: http://web.mta.info/nyct/service/StationInfo_145st/index.htm
  4. New Pelham-based green stickers on the R62As are rapidly increasing, about half of the fleet already sport them including the former 240 st yard loaners.
  5. R62A update: 1931-27-1904-52-1940 (Before) is now 1931-27-52-1923-1940 on the .
  6. I'll take a guess at it: 1901-02-03-1923-1905 new 5 car-set, (1901 & 1905) are the end sets. Saw them at Corona earlier in the rainy day lol.
  7. R32s: 3550/3772/3773 recently SMS'ed.
  8. All 9 of the (leftover R62A singles) are currently at Corona yard. Also, SMS overhaul work continues on Westchester R62As. Latest car set to receive improvements is (1736-1740). SMS overhaul also continues on some of the R142s & R142As from the .
  9. Is the extension to Secaucus still up for discussion?
  10. History note: Back when the R62A's where the backbone of the , alot of unusual movements would occur that involved singles being inconsistently matched up together as long as it made for the required (11 cars-revenue service) for the . Early on around the 2000s, some linked 5-car sets that were already on the were traded over for leftover singles that remained on the mainline in order to compensate for the positioning of the C/Os in operation on the flushing line. i.e.. some of those (1800s) sets that currently roam the did serve the flushing line back then until being transferred back over the to the mainline and were displaced by Corona's R62As singles and even whatever Livonia yard had leftover at the time. I hate to sound redundant but in the case of (1921-22-25). If you look at the track record on this particular set it was grouped together as a singles 5-car consist a few times in the past, but by the very end of 2015 and on that New Years Eve it was moved over to the , it was there for a brief period until returning over back to the around early 2017 to cover up for R188s derailment mishaps that happened outside of Mets-Willets station. Other singles 5-car groups like 1916-1920/1961-1965 did the same thing but where never broken up. Afterwards, yes it was kind of mismanaged to separate 1921-22-25 from 1923-1924, only to have them as a seatless set experiment. Why break up a 5-car set that was 1921-1925 is beyond me. What they should've done from the beginning was take one of the R62As that were ALREADY on the 42nd St roster and experiment with those which they did however it was all after 1921-22-25 received the treatment. Maybe it was the LED green/red side lights that brought the attention for the set to be broken up and since it is Cuomo who is well documented is fascination with bright, shiny light shows and colors I wouldn't be surprised. In conclusion, at the end of the day of course it's only trains, nothing special as long as they mechanically run well and operate safetly with working A/C's during the summer months of course. Before you know it, these trains will be bound for retirement/scrapping and all this conversation about 1921-22-25 so on and so fourth will be completely irrelevant and life will go on.
  11. R62As 1931-27-04-52-1940 already have (Westchester) green stickers on them.
  12. Interesting, 1791-95 was just recently SMS'ed at 207 St Shop. Might be a rhetorical question but why would the need more R62As? Also, 1921-22-25 are the oddballs on the 42nd St considering those LED green/red side lights are obviously irrelevant on the Shuttle and should've been reunited with 1923-1924. Getting back to the Flushing line it's good to see that CBTC is progressing somewhat on the . Going westbound towards Manhattan you can see signals with green flashing lights up until before reaching Queensboro Plaza. Corona yard maintenance continues to do what they do best and that's properly maintaining their fleet, some of the converted R142A/R188s look better now then when they were on the several years ago.
  13. Recently on the , I've seen a few sets like 2306-2310/2156-2160 were recently in consist so I was able to see the white LED lights in 1-(10-car consist). Nothing special to be honest but, R62As definitely don't look utterly depressing with those lights as oppose to a lot of them that still do have the older florescent lights.
  14. 's purpose with the ESI program is to "enhanced" the visual amenities and customer flow of the subway station's but by the same token maintaining the respect and consistency of the original layout and design of a station. Design wise the station should keep it's originality, no need for some drastic changes to the walls. Still think elevators are needed for those with disabilities but it is what it is.

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