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  1. Those R179s were practicing "social distancing" 😅. Jokes aside, happy to hear there were no major or minor injuries reported. Not looking for the R179s.
  2. Car 1949 is still inside 207 St Shop.
  3. This is getting overboard ridiculous. Can y'all PLEASE get back on topic.
  4. Is it me or does it seem like lately the R46s have been all over the place.
  5. 42nd (S)huttle R62A's are next. Already 6 19xx-R62As from the shuttle have had there rollsigns changed. Saw them a few weeks back by the overhaul shop from the 207 street station.
  6. R62A 2466-2470 back to red stickers.
  7. Sigh..... If only these newbie trains have any idea what there futures are in for in the New York City subway life. Nice things don't last here, but that's a good looking train.
  8. Man.... It's amazing to think the R142s & R142As are very soon approaching there 20 years of service. I remember back in late 2000 when I first rode a downtown train to 42nd Street, at the time on a brand-new Bombardier R142 (probably one of the very few that were running at that time) with that new car smell. Just a thought lol.
  9. Its obviously dust from the tunnels. The is mostly underground and not to mention the fact that the 240th st yard doesn't have a car wash system so trains have to go over to 207 st railyard for wash/cleaning. The paint job they put on the end bonnets when they were SMS'ed, is not helping either. Same thing is occurring on the R62As.
  10. Don't know..... Haven't checked them yet. Wouldn't be surprised.
  11. R62As 2466-70/2471-75 confirmed running on the , westchester-green stickers still on them.
  12. Affirmative, those still do remain. Rode 2146 yesterday those floors really light up the inside of the car a bit.
  13. Speaking of stickers, for some reason it seems as if westchester yard crews have stopped putting there new green ones on the rest of the R62As that still don't have them on the . I wonder why they don't continue with that. Just to note, over 40 of Westchester's R62As have been SMS'ed with brighter lighting, loop poles and the obvious Helvetica one-lined rollsigns, similar to the sets on the . Don't know yet if the R62A set's on the 42nd Shuttle would be SMS'ed going forward, specifically (under body work/truck overhauls and cleaning each car bonnets).
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