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  1. Today was my 1st day out on the road on my own. Good bye school car and hello probation!! So glad I was able to pick the B division. Stand clear of the closing doors please.
  2. Passed my midterm Friday with a 100 and also passed my yard practical today 1st try. My classmates have all stuck it out in the beginning and we're all still together. Everyone in my class passed as well because we were all there for each other. We all go our separate ways starting tomorrow when we go posting. Best advice I can give to everyone is to pay attention and ask questions. Your supervisors are there to help you out with everything you need to pass school car. The only one that can stop you from passing is yourself. Good luck everyone.
  3. It varies. You get AMs and PMs. Just be ready to have a flexible schedule. If you're not ready for that, then working in the MTA is not gonna be right for you. MTA is 24-7 365.
  4. I know it's highly unlikely, but one can only hope right? I'll be happy anywhere they put me tbh. I just can't wait to start my new career working for the city!!
  5. Thank you bro. After the initial time I was there for drug testing and handing in my pre application, it took them 2 weeks to call me back for the medical. After I was done with my medical, I waited to be called for the interview. During the interview, we just went over all the paperwork I filled out and was asked if I can start September 28th. No choice was given to me. I'm hoping I get to choose the Q, N, F, D , or B train.
  6. Thank you Nae. I was told to report to 195 Montague street my 1st 3days, how come I'm hearing 130 Livingston? Is there a difference?
  7. On my way home after getting everything processed and sworn in!! MTA here I come baby! I start on September 28th which is perfect for me. I'll be able to actually take off from my current job to witness the birth of my 1st child! I won't have to miss any classes what so ever. Woooohoooo congratulations to those already sworn in as well, and to all the hopefuls, stay positive!!
  8. It was a street cleaning ticket. No parking from 1130-1.The sign was so faded from the sun, I could barely make it out. I got back to my car @1230 and there was the ticket. Womp womp. $45 that I squared off right away. I was even planning on paying that ticket that same day after getting out from my initial processing. Didn't think something like that would've held me up. So just clear up anything tickets you may have before you're due to go down there.
  9. Yup. Couldn't take the drug test unless it was paid off. Couldn't pay it online either. I had to physically go to 210 Joralemon, pay it, and come back to show the receipt. Luckily my girl was home to give me the ticket number because being that it was a brand new ticket, I couldn't just use my lisence plate number since it wasn't even updated in the system yet. It all took about an extra half hour so it wasn't too bad. Hopefully I have no hold ups on Monday when I go for my medical.
  10. Congrats. That line is moving a lot quicker than I thought. You were in the early 4000s right?
  11. Congrats! I just received the call back today around 230 to go in on Monday for my medical. I just might be squeezed into the Aug class as well. If not I'll wait for whichever class they appoint me to. This is awesome! All you 38xxs should be getting the letter soooon if not, had already gotten it. Next stop medical examination, stand clear of the closing doors please!!! Lol
  12. Congrats to you two @Nae and @MsHottie. I'm just gonna sit and play the waiting game myself now. I'm guessing since I just recently went last week that maybe I'll be in line to start in the September class? Who knows. That'll work out better for me anyway since my girl and I are due to have our 1st child together roughly about September 11th- September 21st.
  13. When I was down there I had a parking ticket that I had just got two days prior. When my name was called to turn in my application I told the lady and she let me know that I couldn't do the drug test until that was cleared up. Luckily she told me that I can just go pay the ticket real quick in person, get the receipt, and come right back. Took me about 30 mins to walk over the place, pay it off, and get back. After I was done with the urine test and went back to the counter, another lady had told me I was done for the day and to wait for a call to get my medical. My boy told me once you get the medical, you go fill out more paperwork by the union and a few other things. I have my envelope with another application in it that was called my "homework" by the guy I initially seen. So I'm guessing I need to have that all filled out by the time I head back over there.
  14. Went down today and took care of some paperwork and the drug test. Now I have to wait as well to be called back for the medical examination. Hopefully I don't have to wait that long. My boy told me that when he went on a Friday, they called him up the Tuesday the following week to come in for the medical. I'm crossing my fingers that I get that call ASAP as well.
  15. You're welcome brother. With the list ending in Feb 2016, I can see people in the 4200s. Heck I'd even say there's a possibility that maybe even 4500s have a shot. What is your number if you don't mind me asking?
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