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  1. I used the 361 every morning for the first half of my high school year this year, and I can tell you that it is MUCH slower than the normal local #1. Most of the time when I used 361, the driver did not allow anyone to board or discharge past 18th Avenue and 13th Street until the bus got to MLK Blvd, and the bus would still be late for it's Penn Station arrival time. It gets held up a lot due to the traffic along Springfield Avenue, and sometimes the first 361 trips (7:16 AM and 7:23 AM, both trips that start straight from the garage) do not operate, causing the next trips to be overcrowded, making the trip even slower. It became so bad that I stopped using 361 in the morning. I use the 7:13 #1 that goes to River Terminal. It rarely overcrowds, and arrives to Downtown Newark on time. As a matter of fact, the 361 that leaves at 7:16 and my bus arrive at Springfield and Irvine Turner at the same time most of the time because of how slow 361 can be. As for the afternoon 361 trips, the issue is very similar. Most of my trips, the driver does not allow pickups or drop-offs until 18th and 13th Streets, and the bus still gets caught up in Springfield Avenue traffic. The #1 local that leaves about 2 minutes earlier from Penn Station gets to 18th Avenue and Grove Street quicker than the 361 does.
  2. The NJ Transit 2017 Annual Report stated that the remaining 290 commuter coach units on the order will be 40-foot.
  3. http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/42593-The-Official-PATH-thread We have one. Sent from my LGLS775 using Tapatalk
  4. With the Greenville situation, Meadowlands gave them those units to assist them with the "Summer of Hell." I have been seeing several Orange units on the 62 lately. Sent from my LGLS775 using Tapatalk
  5. On the NJT 2016 Annual Report, they stated they are creating specs for the artic replacements. Sent from my LGLS775 using Tapatalk
  6. That is normal. When a 1 breaks down in Jersey City, they send a Greenville bus. Sent from my LGLS885 using Tapatalk
  7. Okay, and I think they might get them in April. The 2017 FY wouldn't have ended by then. So would transit continue with the 17000 bus numbers, or begin the 18000 early? Sent from my LGLS885 using Tapatalk
  8. 17023 has moved to Suburban. Sent from my LGLS885 using Tapatalk
  9. Community Coach: 17001 to 17023 Shoreline: 17024 to 17038 as of now. I saw Saddle with 17063 and 17064 recently but I heard rumors of them getting up to 17070. I saw suburban with 17053 and 17054. Keep an eye out on em' pal. Sent from my LGLS885 using Tapatalk
  10. Shoreline has 17024 to 17038 currently while Community has 17001 to 17023. I saw some photos of suburban getting some buses, but just stay on the look out. Sent from my LGLS885 using Tapatalk
  11. While Hilton Garage is short on buses, they lend Suburbans to the mess that is the 126 line during rush hour.
  12. In response to AFNYer, the 1 route sadly cannot have more trips going to Jersey City. That is for several reasons. The first one is because on a average weekday, a majority of the Hilton buses are used because they have so many routes from that garage. If that were to happy, then 1 would have to split with 2 garages. The only garage it would be able to split with is Greenville. However, Greenville exhasts almost all of their buses because they have less routes. You see, Greenville only has 6 routes. But, they use so many of their buses on weekdays. If you take a look at MyBusNow off the rush hour, you see about 10 80s, 7 87s and MANY 126 trips. To respond to your Neoplan comment, I would like to have that, but they Neoplans will not be able to handle Ivy Hill Loop. They cannot end there. If there were to be Neoplans on the 1, they would have to add a special trip from Newark to Jersey City and back. My favorite routes: #37: Runs from Ivy Hill Loop to Newark Airport (All Terminals and North Area): It is a very simple route and is normally not overcrowded. On an average weekday, the people using it are airport workers that live in the Ivy towers. The bus runs about 2 per hour from 5 to 8 AM then resumes to once per hour, then trips start at Irvington Terminal at noon. The trip is 45 minutes. I normally use it to Terminal C so I can connect to the 62 to get to IKEA. #108: Newark to New York (via Union City): Once again, a very simple route. The bus starts near the Colonnade Park Apartments. The bus then passes through Broad Street Station then passes through Newark Penn. It is one of the two suburban routes from Hilton, 107 is the other one. Drivers normally alternate from these two routes at PABT. 108 on weekdays has some trips that do NOT go through Union City in the early morning hours. They operate once per hour, and the normal ridership only has a few people standing.
  13. Search the NJT website through the wayback machine. Sent from my LGLS885 using Tapatalk
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