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  1. Here are the 1981 and late 90s/early 2000s rollsigns for the R17-36 and R26-36 Cars. (Very few redbirds had the 2000s end sign). Bulkhead End Routes.
  2. A fix on the R10 Route sign from September 1988.
  3. To add onto the Late 80s Rare seen R-10 Side route sign. Note: 3184 has it.
  4. Here is the rare 1988-89 R38 South Destination sign alot of people boast and wonder about. Has some weird readings for 18th Ave on the IND Culver line. Bergen St. Avenue X. Jay St Boro Hall. Bedford Nostrand on the Crosstown line.... And so on.
  5. Here is the final Bulkhead End Route Sign curtain for the R10 cars prior to their Retirement in 1989....
  6. To addon to the 70s curtains i have done the 1970s Vignelli Both the Destination and Route signs. (Luckily having them in my collection for a cheap price of 50 for both!!!From a very good friend.
  7. They cut the Power cords that lead from the 35.5VDC power through the top of the box. I have one with the power cord. The wiring went from the Right of the box as your looking at it on the top with flourescent fixtures down the sides of the box. Positive on the right side returning negative on the left and ground cords on both destination levels.
  8. Does anyone have a 1985 R27 Side Route roll? I am willing to pay between 100 and 30 dollars for it, i been looking for one for quite a while, i know one R32 Has it left and its a Garbage car, and i know 3807 and 3380/81 has them until that group of kids vandalized them. But does anyone have a complete roll? I am willing to pay a normal price, not a Houseofmemories802 price.
  9. Indeed it was. I don't know why my photos dissapeared for some reason. But other then that yeah. That Sign is my favorite one. I want to try and get the one with the Black N/Q/R and the Side Route Combo to go with it also.
  10. Do not mind the Womens Clothing that is my mothers!!!!!!!! Some Old 1985 Akidenz Grotesk R10-38 Bulkhead Signage for sho..... Some 1990s A train Nostalgia for you!!!!!!
  11. 2 of the Redbirds on the Rail Adhesion train in Union Port still have a Front bulkhead logo and a side sign with the 1977 Color Vignelli Signs. Its pretty interesting i forgot which cars have them though. I know they still exist today though
  12. I am wondering if anyone has any rollsigns or Timetables or Brochures I can buy off I'm looking between 0 to 100 Dollars. Im not a rude person but I don't accept Over charge of 50 Million dollar rollsigns I don't have a big JOB only temporary until I graduate high school. If anyone has any signs or Timetables or Brochures for sale or Any MTA wear or memorabilia. Please PM me and or post here and I will get back to you. My phone number is 347-***-**** have a great evening and a safe night thank you And keep railing!
  13. I know about those but I'm preferably looking for full rollsigns. ..I was able to get a Full R33 Flushung Car rollsign. For 20$ a R32 Rollsign for 20 and a Gigantic SEPTA LRG Rollsign for 20 that's 60 all together I only get a small allowance that's reason for it. And there is a specific rollsign I am looking for currently. A full version of the 1985 R32/30/27 Rollsign For example Broadway local
  14. Is there anyone with any Maps timetables... Rollsigns or rollsign cuts or any old Station signs or Train logos for cheip prices??? Mainly from 10 to 100 Dollars? I'm on a big lookout for Memorabilia to extend my Collection.... Thank you all for those who Reply and help out and give me Recommendations.. Have a goodnight.
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