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  1. will there still be no ACs in the stations being renovated?
  2. I have to get to a place in Central Park by 5AM, so my plan is to take the 2AM train to Penn Station, sleep there for an hour, and take the subway the rest of the way. The thing is, though, how safe is Penn Station at night? If so, are there any particular places I should go to inside Penn Station?
  3. I feel like this mindset only exacerbates the homeless problem.
  4. I've always been curious about the big gap that separates the Carnesarie and Queens Blvd lines-- assuming service to that area is viable, what possible services would you all think of?
  5. let's try and keep political ideologies out of this, alright?
  6. shoot really? wow i would suggest to perhaps build a connection but im sure there's complications with that too
  7. stupid idea but would it be a good idea to make the express along the Culver line? It would allow it to use the unused express tracks, and could free up TPH on both the and the or vice versa
  8. if it goes high enough maybe there might be a 9th/10th/11th/12th avenue line in the future?
  9. this might be useful if the mta actually gets around to renovating one of the really crappy stations (e.g. chambers street on the ) but tbh the money's better off being used on establishing timely maintenance of existing stations
  10. aw damn really? not even room for an express service?
  11. couldn't the mta just build tracks underneath the two tracks like the way they have it at like the lex 59th station? (for the lexington ave line)
  12. *back to the topic so is the R188 order complete, or are there like a few last R188s that are still in acceptance testing?
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