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  1. @DueceDrives.Thanks for the info,i never thought about it that way.I hope eveything goes as planned.I see you are not too far away either as far as list numbers are concerned(saw you mentioned your number range on another thread) Good luck when they call you and Merry Xmas.
  2. @DueceDrives,my list number is 63xx.The letter was dated on the 16th and i received it on the 18th.I feared that if i started the process it could creat more problems down the line as far as reinstating myself.My heart is really with liberty lines.There is a line at the botton where you can decline,so i did.I think Liberty is a once in a lifetime opportunity because it's so hard to get in.With transit the option is still there.
  3. I got my letter to go down to livingston st on the 22nd.I will have to decline because i am already in the background check process with Liberty Lines Transit
  4. Hi everyone,i went for a second interview about a month ago for liberty lines...8/27/15 to be exact.They told me that they would be selecting people from a pool of canidates that made the final interview.It's been over a month now and my question is, does it take that long or more for them to send out a decision.They told me they would send something in the mail on whether or not i was accepted.
  5. Hi Pumacell,the interview i thought went great.The boss exam is required preinterview,the questions were about why you wanna work for liberty lines and about your personality.I am just waiting to hear from them on their decision.Also on list for exam 3101..62xx
  6. Hi everyone,i am a newbie to this forum.I am currently interested in employment with either company.I am currently on the exam 3101 list.i just got called for an interview with liberty lines.Based on the current contract for both companies i am wondering who would be best to go with as far as salary,pension etc.Thanks
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