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  1. West farm depot I go. Jeez 🤦‍♂️ That area is brutal
  2. Finally passed day 9 today. It was really intense. The route was short, but with the construction and traffic, people walking Infront. The exam was about 1hr and 15min. No crazy turns, just a hook turn about Twice. I’m just glad is over. Jamaica depot is where they sent me on Monday. good luck to all.
  3. Any Advice for Day 9 in Harlem? today will be day 8. Training is intense. Thanks
  4. any reference point when it comes to those extremely right turns?
  5. Good morning all, Pretty sure this question was asked before sometime in the past. does MTA have any rules against Tattoos? Neck,Hands ect.ect.? Thanks
  6. did my 3rd drug test on the 29th. still no email/call on Medical. looks like i'm shit out luck, again. this is getting extremely frustrating i'm guessing other people that got the email or call most likely have lower#?
  7. got in at 7am, out at 4pm. question, for the Medical part, is it quick? or should we be expecting a long day as well. Thanks
  8. Got the Letter to arrive tomorrow. for my 3rd Drug test ...ugh
  9. Looks Like MTA is slowing down. anyone got a letter for September?
  10. Does anyone know when the Mta STOP Calling for the year? is it Oct?
  11. Hello all, i have to report to DCAS office on 29th to reinstate my number back on the list. anyone know the procedure on that? what time they open? or what documents to bring? thanks all
  12. Anyone here know what List# MTA is currently at? Thank you all
  13. Hello all, does anyone know if they have some sort of site where we can see our list# like exam 4600? or do we have to wait for the letters to come in. Thanks
  14. Thank you. just sent the email, i'll just wait for the confirmation.
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