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  1. Yes eventually they will start calling from the new conductor exam once everybody takes the exam & the list is established
  2. From what I was told there is no extension for the list..but you never ever know..just hoping for the best still
  3. Took my second DT last week...scored 93.333...list number 427*...thought I would of been called for final processing since initial DT in August...there's a December & Janurary class...hoping I make it in either or...second DT expires when the list ends..any info would be helpful..hoping for the best
  4. Currently up to 4044...what's your list number ?
  5. Just found out they are having a December & January class...40 conductors for each class...words from Mrs.Vargas mouth today 11/2 at 3:30 pm...no extended list niether smh
  6. Oh wow man I'm going to call MTA employment on Monday...get some answers from them as well What was your score on the conductor 8094 exam ?
  7. I just called today & they told me they are up to 4031 & what's the 1-3 rule..can you explain that briefly
  8. And that means people I know & including myself have been skipped...more info please
  9. 5328 ? How is that possible ? I called today she said last appointed was 4031..I'm confused
  10. Nice !!! Congrats once again & Keep us posted on this forum of your experience at school car please..wishing you the best !
  11. Congrats @Geminigirl77 when did you go in for your pre-employment ? & what's your list number ?
  12. @tmac81 hopefully you get in the October class..September class didn't even start yet time going slow @OFlow I understand everything you just wrote..I know a guy who have not been selected because of two felonies & some arrest he got in the past..he was upfront with everything..as a previous conductor (Resigned) he knew not to hide anything from them he told MTA everything..one day he called & they told him he have not been selected..he's fighting it..MTA told him to write a letter explaining his past history & what happened..he was called in the end of July...but yea man I thought it wasn't fair..people do change its a good thing that MTA gives people second chances & help them get the job..NYPD totally different tho anything related to a crime can disqualify you...so I was thinking the same thing with MTA since it's a city agency
  13. No not yet they told her 2-90 days so from August to November she should be expecting a call back for the final processing/medical...y'all should be good tho you guys already started the initial process atleast so now it's just steps to starting..like I don't think y'all gonna get eliminated unless you fail the initial DT or have convictions..only in a matter of time for you guys
  14. You may be in the October class my friend went on the 21st too & haven't received a call a yet neither
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