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  1. The latest news from our supervisors is that they now have a list of those who purchased the copies from said individual and apparently it's a rather long list. Doesn't look good
  2. Rumor in my barn is that someone got caught selling copies of the test for $300+ out of 207 Test might get scrapped. Pretty sure I failed anyways, so I wouldn't mind a re-take
  3. By "top guys", I meant those who actually know a thing or two about what they're doing mechanically. We have plenty of guys that scored much higher (even a few 100's), but none of which you'd expect to score that high (no mechanical background, no habla, etc) Doubt they'd be able to prove anything, but we did have a couple of guys at another barn confirm that there is such a paid pre-test class for Russians only.
  4. Well, I got my results and I'm in the mid 700's. I passed and that's all that matters, however, there appears to be much bigger news. According to one of our supervisors, they just launched an investigation on the results due to cheating. Apparently, there's a class for Russians only where they pay upwards of $700-$1000 to get a preview of each test. Now, I've got nothing against Russians (my best friend and roommate is a Rusky), but this is definitely some crooked shit if true. Wouldn't surprise me one bit because some of the guys that scored 100's don't know a hammer from a screwdriver, yet they place near the top of the list.
  5. Anyone here actually get hired, but have a failing grade? I started about a year ago after taking this test, but haven't received my score yet. So far, the others I've spoken to in my barn have passed, but just barely with list numbers in the 600/700/800's and they're considered top guys. I'm on the bottom of the chain with shit jobs, so I'm thinking I either squeaked by or bombed.
  6. Took my CI test on June 8th and on the way out, they said not to expect a call until October when all of the tests have been completed. Two weeks later, I get the call and started school near the end of July. Still haven't received test results
  7. i just start at 239 Street barn last week picked location because it was closer to my house in flushing, but so far, it is miserable experience traveling is much harder than expected because I have to take a bus from the last stop to get to barn first few days was slow as they had me sweeping the floor, but then they assign me to partner and now I'm stuck with under car even though utility don't know how many barns there are, but i cannot wait for next pick so I can get out of this place. I hear 240st or the Concourse yard is where I should go, but I would love jamaica
  8. i took mine at the end of may and already finished school and working at a barn in the Bronx my brother signed up at the same time and doesn't take his test until the end of the month
  9. It's a 3 part test a) mechanical.....take apart a valve and put back together b) use ohm meter to troubleshoot and identify components on two separate boards c) wire up a lighted stud board using premade wires, battery and a bulb Pretty sure I failed all but the mechanical portion of the test, so I was very surprised when I got the call
  10. 98Snake, Nothing in my paperwork said anything about temporary or provisional either. I applied for a permanent position, took the test and they called me in within a couple of weeks, but never received anything in the mail. Started working at the 239 St. barn in the Bronx. First few days were kinda slow, but then they assigned me with a partner and got hit with a ton of work.
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