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  1. I finished school car about 4 weeks ago.. I'm not gonna lie, it can be overwhelming at first.. The. Everything starts to fall into place.. YOU HAVE TO READ READ READ! Your notes and your books.. Cause if you don't you'll be lost. The job is not bad at all.. You'll have your good days and bad days.. And yes you will appreciate sleep more if you don't know like me LOL! Also.. Yes.. You will be very inconsistent when it comes to family events ect..... So I'd advise anyone who has kids or married to really think about it. YES ITS VERY WORTH IT. But really think about it and talk things over with your family.
  2. Well I got a letter to come in August for the pre employment.. They called me back two months later to take my drug test again cause it expired.. Got called back for the medical.. Went to training in January... No I haven't had to do a double yet.. But I'm pretty sure I will... Just know your gonna be inconsistent when trying to do anything with them at times.. But it's all worth it. Last week I had AM'S... This week I have PM's with weekends.. But that can change at any time
  3. Ummmmm you said "I heard I would have absolutely no life until I'm able to pick a regular job with weekends off m, in 8-10 years" BUT ANYWAY, I know conductors that been there 3 years and have a regular job.. With weekends off.. I'm 34... I just got out of school car.. I've been out on my own a week.. And I'm gonna enjoy my life as well.. As a MTA conductor.. But I wish you much success in your endeavors... ✌????️
  4. First off.... You absolutely can have a life working for the MTA.. Regardless if your working weekends or not... Some people are just not built for this job and THATS OK! Just cause it's not for you, don't knock nobody else for wanting it.. Sidebar- I don't take you no 10 years to get a set schedule.. It takes awhile, but not 10 years...
  5. I just finished training.. It's overwhelming at first.. But it gets better. Don't worry... Just read read read and STUDY!
  6. I heard they extended the list until August of this year. Hopefully they will.
  7. The test is not hard.. If you know how to travel on the train, then you're good.. It's common sense questions.. But if you want to study the book you can..
  8. It was in the 4000's I dont remember exactly.... And thanks Thank you. And it is! God is good.
  9. I got called in to do the pre employment over again and they called me back for the final process on December 4th.. I'm in the January 19th class.. I honestly didn't think I was gonna get a call back.. The best Christmas gift EVER. God is GOOD!
  10. My List number was lower than yours and you got called before me. I'm still waiting for them to call me for the final process... Smh my list number is 4297.. Crazy..
  11. Congratulations! I went down for the pre employment on Aug. 21st. Didn't receive a call yet.
  12. Congratulations! I've been Waiting for a call back for over a month now smh...
  13. It feels like it's taking them forever to call me back.. Does anyone know what day the October class starts?
  14. Yeah they told me the same thing too.. I'm pretty sure if we failed the drug test or something they would have been contacted us. Lol! But I hate waiting lol!
  15. Did you're friend get a call back yet?
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