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  1. @trainop, what class were you in if you dont mind me asking. Take the next T/O exam at least ull have a headsup. It does suck i feel horrible for you. Just goes to show what i meant on my earlier post. Its just a hard program to get by! Best of luck man. It's unfortunate that they make it this way.
  2. Thats all you can do, take as many exams as you can!
  3. They will always like to hire more promotional than open competitive. Gives an opportunity for employees in house to move up. But many conductors dont want to loose their seniority so dont take the promotional to T/O. Also you take a lot more responsibility as a T/O. I cant see them not continuing the open competitive exams. I believe it keeps being delayed because rumer is they may extend the current list. Just a word of advice if you can take a leave of absence from your job if you accept appointment to schoolcar do it. No guarantees down here. Its "probation" till day you retire basically. Look at it that way and youll be fine. No holidays no weekends for many years till you actually get to pick. But if you want it that bad take it and run away with it!
  4. @mrcka, congrats!!!! I start YX tomorrow. How was the road practical? Everyone pass in your group?
  5. Hello all, hope everyone is doing well. Havent been on much as schedule has been hectic. Im up to Yard posting before i go YX. Anyone waiting to make the move into school car. STUDY STUDY when your in. Focus on your equipment, signals, etc... When you go YX keep up with signals as we get another signal test before road ops. GL all schoolcar can get very frustrating and tiring. Just pull through and take everyday as a learned experience!
  6. @mrcka, unfortunately some my other classmates not applying themselves you can see that. Can you give me an advice on what TSS look for on practical. I know every TSS does it differently etc on practical. They are looking for you to point out everything under the train and above? Maybe you can share your first practical experience quickly. GL on your road ops! Im hoping to get there as well!
  7. To everyone waiting to come in and start Schoolcar, if you can take leave of absence from your current job. We are heading into our 6th week and getting ready for our 1st practical. Remember this is going back to "school" no questions, you must be prepared to buckle in and have no life for the next year. You must be able to learn things on your own and have instructors fill in the blanks for you. Every instructor teaches different some are more strict than others. It can all end for me and or my classmates on the first practical. Study your procedures and apply it in your hands on time. You will have your days of doubts about this and your days of confidence. DO NOT let it detour you from objectives. You have to give it your all and let it take its course, even giving your all is not always successful but at least you can say you did. GL all !
  8. thanks Erik! I take it as no guarantees everyday, keep pushing till 8/14!
  9. GL to everyone waiting for that email to come and the process to start. My class is a month into school car. A lot of information in a short time and hands on time is limited. So when you all go on train take notes, listen to instructor take as many opportunities to make cuts/adds etc. Read appx 2 hours a night, it wont make sense to you in the beginning, let the instructor go over it in class and fill in the blanks for you. Give it about a month and things will fall into place. Take it serious, this is GOING BACK TO SCHOOL don't let anything fool you. Just remember have passion for this you WILL MAKE IT. Study signals every night the exact wording, DO NOT come up with "your own words". Again GL to all it is not easy wake up 330 am to be in school car for 7 am, then coming home at 6pm to study. But if you want this you will do it. Hope i was able to shed some light for people waiting to start school car !
  10. Congrats to all who passed your signal exam, must be a huge relief for now ! How many test questions? any advice besides the flash cards? Thanks
  11. @tprashad, is it 4 from your group of 10 or 4 from the whole class? Congrats on passing first signal exam... I hope to have that same feeling in March!
  12. Oh wow, how many people are left in your class as of now? @tprashad, how do you like B division overall? are you all over the place or more than usual at Coney /island Yards?
  13. Not as of yet, i believe tomorrow we will. Wed we begin reporting to the yards.
  14. i'm in the B division as well... nervous but will put my best foot forward! all the best @tprashad and everyone in school car now and who will be in school car!
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