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  1. I revised the plans for the subway extensions to southern Brooklyn: 2 5 Nostrand Avenue Line - Extended along Nostrand Avenue to Voorhies Avenue Existing stations: President Street 2 5 Sterling Street 2 5 Winthrop Street 2 5 Church Avenue 2 5 Beverly Road 2 5 Newkirk Avenue 2 5 Flatbush Avenue/Brooklyn College 2 5 New stations located at: Avenue K 2 5 Kings Highway/Avenue N 2 5 Quentin Road/Gerritsen Avenue 2 5 Avenue T 2 5 Avenue W 2 5 East Sheepshead Bay/Voorhies Avenue 2 5 4 Utica Avenue Line (branching off from Eastern Parkway Line at Crown Heights/Utica Avenue) New stations located at: Lefferts Avenue Clarkson Avenue Snyder Avenue Clarendon Road Kings Highway/Farragut Road Flatlands Avenue/Avenue K Avenue N Avenue U/Kings Plaza L Canarsie Line Extension New stations located at: Flatlands Avenue (relocated from Canarsie/Rockaway Parkway) Avenue L Seaview Avenue
  2. Hold it right there. If the Utica Avenue Line is built, the Flatbush Avenue branch of the Nostrand Line will not be built.
  3. Under the service plan following the extension, T trains would run to the Bronx.
  4. For the second phase of the Second Avenue Subway, a flying junction should be built north of 116th Street station. The junction would allow trains to continue to either 125th Street station or a new line to the Bronx. The extension (to be built later) would cross under the Harlem River and run under Alexander Avenue to the 3rd Avenue-138th Street station. The line would then run under Third Avenue to replace the Third Avenue Elevated line. Stations on the Third Avenue portion of the line would be located at 3rd Avenue-138th Street, 3rd Avenue-149th Street, 163rd Street, and 169th Street/Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center (under Franklin Avenue). After the 169th Street station, the line would run under Boston Road to 174-175th Streets station, with an intermediate station at Prospect Avenue. After 174th-175th Streets station, the line would run under Southern Boulevard to the line's terminus at East 183rd Street-Bronx Zoo (an intermediate station would be built at 180th Street-Crotona Parkway).
  5. When the Nostrand Avenue Line is extended southwards, one platform of the Flatbush Avenue station would be closed at a time to allow the station to be renovated and the platforms to be extended north by about 100 feet. While the platforms are being extended, a new crossover would be constructed midway between the station and Newkirk Avenue station (with a new crossover to be constructed south of Church Avenue station as well); this would require at least twelve consecutive weekend shutdowns of the entire line. The southern entrance, the southernmost 100 feet of platforms, and the bumper posts would then have to be demolished, and a temporary wall and walkway would be erected at that spot. Just south of Avenue H, two giant TBM launch boxes would be created. A 500 foot long cut-and-cover section under Nostrand would have to be constructed in order to connect the new extension with the existing line. During the construction project, normal service would be run on weekdays. However, on weekends, all train services would terminate at Church Avenue, and 5 trains would have to be cut back to Bowling Green. Four alternatives would be studied for the extension: 1. Build a fully underground extension of the Nostrand Avenue Line from Flatbush Avenue station to East Sheepshead Bay. New stations would be located at the following streets: Avenue K, Kings Highway, Quentin Road, Avenue T, and Avenue X. Utica Avenue Line would be built from Crown Heights-Utica Avenue to Avenue U-Kings Plaza. New underground stations would be built at: Empire Boulevard-Remsen Avenue, Clarkson Avenue-Lenox Road, Snyder Avenue, Foster Avenue, Kings Highway-Avenue H, Flatlands Avenue, and Avenue N. After the Avenue N station, a tunnel portal would be built just south of Fillmore Avenue to carry the line on a concrete elevated viaduct over Flatbush Avenue to the terminus at Avenue U-Kings Plaza. 2. Build a fully underground extension of the Nostrand Avenue Line from Flatbush Avenue station to Kings Highway station, then build a fully underground extension to Gerritsen Beach. New stations would be built under Nostrand Avenue at Avenue K and Kings Highway. After Kings Highway station, the line shall be diverted under Gerritsen Avenue and new stations would be built at the following locations: Fillmore Avenue-Marine Park, Avenue U-Knapp Street, and Gerritsen Beach-Florence Avenue. The Utica Avenue Line shall be built as in proposal 1. 3. Build a fully underground extension of the Nostrand Avenue Line from Flatbush Avenue station to Kings Highway station, then build an extension to Bergen Beach. The Nostrand Avenue alignment would be followed to Kings Highway. After Kings Highway station, a new station would be built under Gerritsen Avenue at Avenue R, then the line would be built under Filmore Avenue with a new station at East 36th Street. The line would continue under Filmore Avenue with a station at East 53rd Street and then under Avenue T to new stations at Mill Avenue and Veterans Avenue/East 69th Street, where the line would terminate. If this extension is constructed, then the Utica Avenue Line would not be built. 4. Build an extension of the Nostrand Avenue Line under Flatbush Avenue. Stations would be located at Avenue J, Kings Highway-Flatlands Avenue, and Avenue R. After Avenue R, the line would run to a tunnel portal just south of Filmore Avenue, where the line would continue on a concrete elevated viaduct to Avenue U-Kings Plaza. A streetcar line would be built on Nostrand Avenue between Williamsburg and East Sheepshead Bay; the streetcar line would stop at the same stations as the B44 SBS. In addition, the Utica Avenue Line would be built as a streetcar line; it would stop at the same stations as the B46 SBS.
  6. The closing of Flatbush Avenue station coincides with the refurbishment of the Nostrand Avenue Line. If the Nostrand Avenue Line is extended to Kings Plaza, building modern streetcar lines on Utica Avenue and Nostrand Avenue would be a better option since it costs less to build a streetcar line than to build a subway line.
  7. Therefore, the only solution would be as follows: 1. Build a new Utica Avenue subway line, just like DeBlasio mentioned, branching off from Crown Heights station. New stations would be built at Empire Boulevard, Winthrop Street, Linden Boulevard/Church Avenue, Clarendon Road, Kings Highway, Flatlands Avenue, and Avenue N (between Avenue N and Avenue O). After the Avenue N station, the Utica Avenue Line would run under Flatbush Avenue to Avenue U/Kings Plaza. After the line is constructed and opened for use, the Nostrand Avenue Line would temporarily close for refurbishment and extension. 2. Refurbish the Nostrand Avenue Line and extend it down Nostrand Avenue to Kingsborough Community College, like in the original proposal. The first phase of the extension would consist of three stations at Avenue J, Avenue M, and Kings Highway. The second phase would consist of three stations at Quentin Road/Gerritsen Avenue, Avenue S, and Avenue U. After the first two phases are built, the third phase would consist of stations built at Avenue X and Voorhies Avenue. The last segment of the extension would be to build an extremely deep underwater crossing from Voorhies Avenue under Sheepshead Bay to a station at Kingsborough Community College.
  8. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/23/nyregion/mayor-de-blasio-revives-plan-for-a-utica-avenue-subway-line.html Bill DeBlasio had a plan to build a subway under Utica Avenue extending all the way to Avenue U – Kings Plaza, which would be served by 4 trains. To me, it is not economically feasible because a subway line under Utica Avenue would cost much more than extending an already-built subway line (the line would contain at least eight subway stations, and it will not do much to reduce traffic congestion on Flatbush Avenue). Instead, the Nostrand Avenue Line should be extended from its present terminus at Flatbush Avenue – Brooklyn College to Avenue U – Kings Plaza, with two intermediate stations (that extension, which would be served by 2 and 5 trains, would greatly reduce Flatbush Avenue's traffic congestion).
  9. The R110A had LED displays on the front which could be colored red for Broadway-Seventh Avenue Line service (1, 2, 3) or green for Lexington Avenue Line service (4, 5, 6).
  10. After completing the first two phases of the Second Avenue Subway, it would be more logical to extend the Second Avenue Subway to the Bronx to fix this issue. The solution is to extend the T to the Bronx via a new fully-underground environment. The extension would run parallel to the IRT White Plains Road Line (2, 5) and the IND Concourse Line (B, D), crossing the IRT line at East 180th Street station. A new subway line between East 180th Street and 116th Street, served by the T, would relieve congestion on the 2 and the 5 in the Bronx.
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