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  1. Changing subjects I the other day was analysing the area of Plainsboro,NJ and to say the truth nearly two years ago the fixed route M6 of the Middlesex County Area Transit (MCAT) was scrapped leaving ONLY the NJT #600 in covering that area. I was thinking why eliminate the M6 I mean I can understand the truncation of the route from Princeton junction to University of Plainsboro since the M6 was coexistence with NJT #600 between Plainsboro and Princeton Junction Station but having it eliminated left the communities of Cranbury and Jamesburg. But looking at Google maps I saw that the Scotts Corner road of Plainsboro (where NJT #600 passes through hourly til 7pm) is very close to the area where the M1 deviates to head to Veterans Park of Jamesburg at Route 130...i was thinking since they eliminated the M6 bus route and it passes bihourly why not split the heavily used M1 into two routes have the 1st route make the New Brunswick-Veterans Park run and a 2nd route New Brunswick-Plainsboro (Scotts Corner road) thus each route passing every 2 hours as in the NB-VP 7am,9am,11am,1pm,3pm,5pm...and the NB-SC 8am,10am,12pm,2pm,4pm,6pm I mean we should fix this huge gap betweem NB and Plainsboro and NO let's exclude NJT Rail since im talking for a bargain trip and not a expensive trip I mean MCAT is a $1 that would mean that SHOULD M1 terminate (bihourly) at Plainsboro/Scotts Corner then your trip from New Brunswick to Trenton would be a solid $3.75 very cheap...i mean I doubt MCAT would revive the M6 and much less extend NJT #600 towards Jamesburg Veterans Park to cover the eliminated M6 bus route since Plainsboro Cranbury and Jamestown are all in Middlesex County thus out of jurisdiction for the Mercer county bus line so I hugely doubt NJ Transit would consider extending #600 to Jamesburg So I thought how about have the MCAT M1 split into two routes and cover each segment south of the Route 130 deviant every 2 hours and North of the deviant hourly since both segments would merge...should the M1 Scotts Corner segment be implemented it will fill the eliminated M6 bus route and THUS a connection between NJT and MCAT and also a link between the NJT Mercer county lines and NJT Middlesex County lines (obviously northern Middlesex since southern Middlesex is W/O a bus line only by NJT #600 bus route but since Plainsboro is border town with Mercer county it is saved to be without a fixed route) So i ask you guys what you think of this proposal I think it would be a good idea...BUT there's a but I may assume that this N1 route will not serve Cranbury and only head down deviate Dey road towards Scotts Corner rd for the connection with #600. Since the M1 bus has to have the 1 hour headway that is it should arrive Scotts Corner at 7:55am and head back to New Brunswick at 8:55am leaving Scotts Corner at 8am if the route upcoming intersection of Dey road and Rte 130 is very early as in like 7:35 or 7:40am then may be just may be it could pass by Cranbury but still manage to arrive at Scotts Corner at 755am (and so on each trip afterwards)
  2. So cute back when the lines were redbirds not the dull boring R142 or whatever it is called
  3. Let's not forget that the theory of an extended bx41 may still occur to happens with the new redevelopment plans with the extension of the bx41 it will not only be the ONLY the longest Bronx Route but also the ONLY Bronx Route to enter Queens although in technically does enter it by virtue of the Q50 being that this bus line is based out of Eastchester depot in the Bronx so that makes the Q50 be the BX50 in reality but since the hasn't made official the change is de facto the Q50...but yeah the BX41 is like the same route as the Q44 should the BX41 access the airport and won't have to develop bus lanes not vending machines since the BX41 will coexist with the M60 between Astoria Blvd station and LGA...this would mean than when either bus arrives the aforementioned subway station the B/O will have to speak at the speaker phones what route it is and what will be the next stop (for the M60 is 2nd a.m. and for the BX41 will be Willis av/135 st (NB) and 135 st/St Ann's av (SB) so in retrospect the BX41 will somewhat recuperate its old bus terminal but only til 138 Street
  4. Well it can be split into two segments after broadway the line splits kinda like how the splits at 142 st or the approaching Rockaway Blvd ...therw will be 2 trains (similar to the split trains. To leffets blvd and the Rockaways) after leaving broadway station which I think is the previous stop before Astoria Blvd the train will use the center tracks be elevating (similar to how the is at 111 st station) before arriving Astoria Blvd station the LGA bound train will turn east and a upper level Astoria Blvd station will exist thus having the transfers between the 2 Astoria Blvd station at the northern end and west end respectively and the following stations would exist: Steinway St Hazen St 82 Street 94 Street Terminal D Terminal C Terminal B (last stop unless the mta risk it go to the deserted Marine Air Terminal) In total 7 stops (8 if we count the upper level Astoria Blvd station) will thus be created But there is a catch I mean if the train exist why not let it stay at the remaining part of the Astoria line towards Ditmars Blvd and the go towards the airport Then again is quite a total waste since PANYNJ can easily have Airtrain do the actual q70 bus segment into a new line so I don't think extending a subway may be a good idea also if LGA gets a subway line in its airport why not the train extended from leffets blvd towards the airport via Liberty Avenue and the van wyck...i mean if Chicago has its own subway line go towards its very busy airport at O'hare International Airport why not the more busier Subway lines.
  5. I say yes since NICE and Beeline are the only NON MTA agencies to accept metrocard as well as PATH so why not install OMNY readers in their buses
  6. Ohhhhh ok I though it was a little similar although I just saw that there's a commuter bus that goes from Kenosha to Milwaukee via Racine (and vice versa) for a cheap $4.50 ($3.50 from Racine to Milwaukee and $2.50 from Kenosha to Racine) that would mean one can take the Coach USA Wisconsin bus to Kenosha and take the Metra to the Loop via Waukegan
  7. So METRA won't end at Kenosha but be extended to Milwaukee I mean both cities are very close comparable distance between NYC and Philly
  8. I always wonder what it be like if SIR extends past tottenville across the river to Perth Amboy,NJ I mean you can go from Wakefield,Bronx to Perth Amboy...then again with the opening of the Goethals Bridge the S40 don't extend past Goethals Homes to Elizabeth...imagine having it go to EWR Airport on the S40 hehe
  9. Oh yeah i forgot it is $2.55 to Elizabeth yeah your absolutely right it is $1.60 from Penn Station Newark to EWR Airport so the total payment is really $7.10
  10. Ohhh i didn't notice that I forgot about that transit loophole since should you go to the airport at that itinerary you'll pay as continue: $2.75 PATH $2.75 NJT #62 $2.55 In total you pay $8.05 in other words you pay way less and quite the perspective pay as you heading to JFK which you pay $7.75 only a mere 30 cent difference...the LGA trip cost you $2.75 basic since you transfer to the m60 or Q70 I prefer these buses since their quick especially the latter...but then again one can go to JFK for also $2.75 if you take train to Leffets Blvd and transfer to the q10 or the train to Jamaica 179 st station and catch the q3 both via free transfers as well as the or train to New Lots avenue for the B15 The NJT #62 takes you straight to the airport terminals and is super quick once it leaves the Newark city limits only has about 5-6 stops in Newark after it gets into the highway so yeah forgot all about that loophole XD
  11. I have a question does PATH heads to the Newark Airport train stop for connection to the Airtrain EWR I mean yeah the bad part is to pay another $2.75 for to go from Subway to PATH but let's not forget PATH is runned by another company separate but associated with MTA (e.g..BeeLine bus uses metrocard but is separate of MTA as well as NICE buses) So for a airport trip from let's say from Bushwick Brooklyn one would take any bus to a subway stop at aforementioned sector transfer to subway headed to Fulton Center stop and connect to the PATH WTC-EWR and from there connect to Airtrain Making aforementioned itinerary one will pay up $10.50 which ain't that bad compare to $80 bucks in a taxi
  12. Tell me about it that's why Beeline have the loop bus routes is so confusing to say the truth when BL12 use to go to JV Mall of the 3 routes that go from White Plains to far north of Westchester County the #15 was the most fastest then the #14 and lastly the #12 the latter was very fast between JV Mall and Mount Kisco and moderate fast between Mt Kisco and The Airport after it left the airport was the suffering because of the business buildings in Purchase
  13. Not to mention it is more cheaper by public transit or even taxi because of the huge toll payment at either the GWB the two Tunnels plus the NJTP toll so yeah Westchester County airport would be the best option I myself think the BL12 should be returned back to Westchester av and be terminate at Mt Kisco which would give it a 1h25 headway and be bihourly to Mt Kisco and hourly to the airport anyways the bus really did terminate at the airport on Sundays prior to the JV Mall truncation
  14. Well armonk isn't that rural to me I mean the BL 12 will by law pass through Armonk have it head to Mt Kisco I say it that way since Armonk is like in some sort of oasis inside Westchester County likewise are those communities northeast of the county I mean in that part of the county ONLY the HART (Danbury) Ridgefield shuttle passes through there and it is rush hours only and at dedicated P+R areas
  15. My favourite are the 317 817 600 409 171 But of all these routes my #1 fave is the NJT 317 since it is the longest local bus route in the northeast barely beating the SCT #92 bus

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