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  1. Thank you so very much for your information! How hard is it to pull yourself onto the train? I know you have to pull yourself up on to the train when your on the tracks... I'm nervous about that part.


    You're very welcome. The first time for me it was hard because I'm short but after sometime it becomes second nature. Just remember you have to keep three points of contact when you get on. The will show you how to do it. I'm not going to tell you not to be nervous because i was a wreck the first week. Just take your time, listen because the transit talk is going to be the most difficult (for me it was), and take notes. Those notes will help you later on when you are out on your own. Once your done with training and out by yourself everything that you learned in those six weeks will make so much sense. Trust me lol. Keep in touch.

  2. not in transit logic. You'll see.

    I'm not exactly sure what u mean by husky bag but I'm sure they'll explain, because I honestly thought a backpack would be the best thing being that it's hands free. If we start on Monday is schoolcar that Thursday? And how is it now that you're done training !? U like it ? What are your shifts like ?

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    I'm sorry. Husky is the brand. I got one from Home Depot. You can google it and they have plenty to choose from. You can use a backpack but it has to have a removable strap because when you go onto the tracks in the yard, you have to carry it in your hand. I bought a bag from Amazon. Koolertron Canvas Rucksack. It's a nice bag with a removable strap.

    Monday-Thursday is pretty much orientation and you will meet your instructor on Friday to start. Training is only 6 weeks. Towards the end of your training you will post(hands on training) on the different lines in your division. You will have a midterm and final at the end. Like I said STUDY, STUDY, STUDY. I started in October and was out and on my own in the field the end of December.

    I'm on AM's and I love that your. I was nervous at first but I've gotten used to it. When you first start you're going to be all over the place on different lines everyday. It will be frustrating but take your time. Don't let anyone rush you and as soon as you sign in tell them that you're new to the line and they will usually have a supervisor ride with you.

  3. That's so good to know. I'm sure I have the lowest number 2959 and I heard everyone is in the 4500s and Up. I was called in 2014 but couldn't take it at the time. That's awesome because I really need A division, I live in the Bronx :) did you take your rules & regulations books and the others they gave you to the first day of class ?



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    Ok so you should be good. I know when some people started they weren't allowed to pick. I guess some classes are different. I took everything with me everyday until they told me otherwise. When you go to the school (ps 248) you will get two more books that you will carry with you everyday and then your equipment will follow later. Get a bag that is comfortable to carry everything. I bought one of those Husky bags to start because your not allowed to have a backpack. You need something with removable straps cause you will be crossing the tracks in the yard. Once you get out on your own you can change it.

  4. Thank you so much for your response. May I ask, did they allow you to choose a division or were you thrown in? And what did you wear on your feet before the uniform boots came ?

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    I was able to pick my own division. I'm in B which is he letter lines. I'm closer so it works for me. They go by list number from lowest to highest. After everyone is assigned you get split into different classes in that division. It will be about 10 people per class per division. There are different classes for Conductors and Train Operators.

    When I first started I just wore some black timberlands and some people wore those ACG boots but once you go and select boots you have to wear them from day on. I wore them for months but I recently purchased a new pair that's a lot less heavy and more comfortable. They will explain how you can get alternative footwear.

  5. Me2 it's been hard trying to find a baby blue button up smh. I'm just going to buy blue dickies pants. What's your name if you don't mind sharing. It'll be nice having a buddy / study partner [emoji18]



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    Hi, when I started I found me some button up shirts from the men section in the gap and I got some navy blue slacks from target. I suggest getting a few pairs of each because the uniform will take some time to come. I started in October and i'm still waiting for some shirts. The boots that you'll get will be heavy and hot and be prepared to carry a lot of equipment.  Make sure you have everything with you everyday because they will check it. Also have a watch. Preferably digital because they only use military time in transit but any watch will do. BE EARLY, NOT ON TIME. They will drill that in your head from day one. If you are not familiar with the train system get familiar because you will going places that you probably have never traveled. Get a map and always have an alternate route because they will not accept you didn't know how to get here, there or anywhere. If you choose to drive, leave early cause you have to find parking at some of these locations. STUDY, STUDY, STUDY. Ask questions. Take notes. It's going to be hard at first because they speak transit talk but once you get in the field it will all make sense. 

    Congratulations and Good Luck  :)

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  6. Ahhh it feels so good to be out on the road doing my thing. I been out on the road almost a month now and am loving it. One thing I will say is that it will all fly by really fast from the moment you begin orientation. You start out feeling like schoolcar will never end, then before you know you're posting, and before realizing it you're a pro on the road asking yourself "how the hell do I know all this stuff? how did I come to own this shit like a boss?" LOL..........


    Congratulations to you MsHottiewithbody. I'm about to start schoolcar tomorrow and I'm excited and nervous. Is there any information you can share about anything?

    That's the same plan I have to move up as quickly as possible. I plan on retiring from the MTA in a managerial position.

  7. Geminigirl, School Car is great, READ your conductors induction book every day...Make sure you study for your quizzes, 2 midterms, 2 written finals...And not to mention the practicals...Pay attention to what your instructor teaches and form a bond with your classmates, you all will need each other...I hope you're not afraid of heights, because you will do a structure walk...Its so much more than just opening up doors..Last but not least, ask questions if you're not sure of something...You will learn so much in 8 weeks. All the best!!! 

    Thank you sooo much Nae20. I've started reading the book I received when I was sworn in but it doesn't make much sense lol. I'm excited :) and nervous :unsure: but i'm ready to start. 

  8. Nice !!! Congrats once again & Keep us posted on this forum of your experience at school car please..wishing you the best !

    Thanks, I definitely will


    @geminigirl177. How long was medical hold for and is there a time length that Mta give you until you can come back or is it just until your able to get your letter of clearance? Another question lol. What's the blood pressure limit is it 140/90?

    They want you to get everything done as soon as possible. For me it took a few weeks cause I had to see my doctor and a doctor they (MTA)wanted me to see. As far as the blood pressure, I have no clue lol.

  9. @Prosperousguy89 I started the process in August but was on Medical hold. Had to get clearance from my doctor then I was sent to see a doctor that the MTA recommended. After weeks of going back and forth I finally got the call to come in for final processing. I don't remember my exact list number but it was in the 3700's.

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