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  1. btw.is it on the 12th of july for the protest session?
  2. holy hell,i also got 61 and 74 wrong.I only got 26 right because i guessed correctly
  3. i thought i did alright in the exam,but i just checked my results and got 5 wrong for a total of 93.75% percent correct on the exam.Im kicking myself because most of my wrong answers came from questions i thought i would get 100% right
  4. I honestly felt the exam was honestly easy though,though i will admit that out 80 questions there were there,only 8 of them were the hardest as it normally didn't require the person to read a passage,but put an answer that they felt mta would find acceptable. I was going to put a question here from the exam,but i'm not certain if i'm allowed to until tomorrow since today there is still technically people taking the test,is it okay post them after everyone took the test?
  5. I also noticed a problem with a question.It involved doing some sort of logic work where if a=1 then b=3 if a=1. anyways,based on the information on the passage,i did the logic,however i got two answers that were correct based on the problem solving i did.was i the only one who noticed the two answers?
  6. were there any city landmarks question on the test?i read a previous comment say there wasn't any landmark or military time question for 2 weeks ago,which would make me slightly salty if there wasn't.
  7. no there isn't,according to the mta website http://web.mta.info/nyct/hr/6601.htm the next test is on Saturday the 23
  8. i know this is out of topic but,do you think the union gives prep course for train conductors as well?
  9. So what i should do is basically study a civil service exam and study the landmarks and tourist sites in nyc?I really want to be prepared for the exam and score high.
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