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  1. Bklyn Bound 2 local just want to tell you a story about myself as a child ,I think I was 6 years old when I realized I love Transit buses ,trains would get excited when train passed by my window ,my brothers use to laugh at me my mom would never say anything to them when I said anything about seeing a train passing. I lived near the T and TT line which became the B line ,I was made fun by my friends as well but some took interests as well.The fact that u love transit you should never be ashamed you knew what you love like I do as well.I grew up in Marlboro Projects the train would go right by my window. I would get up in the morning and go riding on trains all day I also hung out at Ulmer Park Depot love buses as well . Im so happy the fact that we could all talk about what we all love here it must have been very tough for you as a kid to deal with .I eventually went my own way enjoying riding buses and trains was Excited when first time I saw the R-40 slants being pulled by Diesel Engine to Coney island yard for the first time my mom was right there and she was impressed as well first time I ever saw a train like that, Loving Transit is a healthy hobby to have enjoy what you love my friend
  2. I was wondering ,excuse me if it was discussed,but are the 7000-7089 getting screens and WiFi?
  3. Wow wondering how long 0018 will stay with Charleston maybe Ill see it
  4. Sorry guys it was 0018 ,I saw today by Target in Tottenville ,sorry for the error
  5. Well today folks I saw Prottera 0019 in Tottenville around Target with Training Bus sign up wish I could have got a picture.,with looked like a bunch of Drivers and supervision on board, Charlston maybe got a look at it today.
  6. awesome photos ,thanks 4 sharing
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