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  1. Thank you ,Cait Sith for this update really appreciate it
  2. Nice photos thanks for sharing
  3. you really don't have to like me just because I have a different opinion than u do, Not here to be liked my friend ,I love this sight and the info here and have lived here on Staten island for along time and don't have a problem with being wrong my friend, so please relax with your comments
  4. How do you know that will Actually happen? Never say Never ,plans change all the time with MTA yes NGS will leave Staten island but they could send some 7000's over to Yukon for Locals and S79 SBS still get there allotment its a wait and see.unless you have some sort of inside info,
  5. maybe some 7000's go over to Yukon ,Im sure the Drivers over there wouldn't mind. they liked beating up those NGS.
  6. Fuel for thought maybe Staten island will get the rest of the LFS order lol, would love that,,Staten island streets are all beat up,maybe they will spread those 7000's to Yukon ,this is the Department of buses you the MTA everything is subject to change.
  7. Or maybe they decided to give Castleton a small fleet of New buses gonna be an interesting development
  8. your probably right about that sorry friend didn't realize what you meant ,I see NG's all the time on 79, I pick my wife up at Richmond av and Hylan and enjoy watching the buses pass by.
  9. 4232 is not an unusual situation on S79 SBS there using anything available until they get there allotment of LFS including the New ones they have already
  10. Nice photos thanks for sharing, interesting that they are running the Electric Proterra's on the B38 guess they want to see if they can handle downtown crush load.
  11. amen to that Flatbush SBS Deuce ,East New York is always giving all of us valuable info and always look forward to his next updates glad you decided to not leave here ,I know I don't post much ,but always have a great respect of your knowledge and thanks for all you do .
  12. I think Ulmer Park are in the plans for there first ever Hybrids next year,so they will probably get some 2011 XD"s from East New York in mean time.
  13. thank you for always giving us joy and teaching us about the ins and outs of transit industry and valuable information we were all so privileged to receive from you, I will miss all the great posts ,always enjoying and learning from everything you shared ,best of luck ,East New York. God bless
  14. I just saw 5081 being towed on Gowanus Expressway ,from Ulmer Park

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